Finding Time To Workout
by Jason Heilpern on April 18, 2012 at 02:26 AM EST

Time is always one of those things I never seemed to have enough of. I tried all kinds of ways to organize myself, and schedule activities, but I always seemed to run out of time. As life got busy, and time started to fill up my workouts, and physical fitness always seemed to take a back seat. Slowly over time I forgot about my fitness completely, and was shocked to wake up one day and find I weighed 262 lbs. I knew a change needed to be made, and I knew I needed time.

The first thing I did was take a really good hard look at my life and day to day activities. I didn’t try a schedule or calendar anything. Instead I looked at each activity and figured out what I needed to cut out of my life. At first it was hard because I was not being very honest with myself.

On a typical day I would go to work, come home and watch TV. A lot of TV, and I would eat while watching TV. I had my favorite programs, and my favorite snacks. The truth was I didn’t WANT to come home and go running. Doing so would not allow me to watch TV. Slowly though after some honest time with myself I realized my health was more important, and I started cutting back on the amount of TV I watched. This gave me the time I needed to work out, and start losing weight. I was happy to find I could still watch 1 maybe 2 programs a night depending on how fast I ran, and finished, but the days of TV show after TV show till it was time to go to bed were over.

I also started timing myself while I surfed the internet, and found that I could blow hours and hours on the net without really ever accomplishing anything. So I started limiting the amount of time I spent on the internet, and I found online tools to help speed up my productivity while using the internet. Suddenly more time was opened, and I had more time to work out.

I continued this with my whole life cutting things out that I really didn’t need. Some things were hard to let go of. Some of the hardest were friends who were sucking the life force out of me. Friends who constantly took but never gave. These kinds of relationships I had to let go of. They were spending to much of my time in a VERY unhealthy way.

As more and more things got cut I found wonderful things. Not only did I have more time, but I was finding new passions. I started running with a local running group which gave me new friends who gave as much as they took. I found I didn’t want to be home watching TV anymore. I wanted to be outside DOING something! Activities like hiking and rock climbing used to intimidate me, and now I can take my wife out on dates, and we grow closer.

The bottom line and lesson I have learned is this. Like a closet our lives fill up with things we never use and we never wear. Sometimes we may for some reason be attached to that old shirt that you have not worn in years, but the truth is that shirt is just taking up space. Find the thins in your life that are just taking up time. Get rid of them! Throw them out! Dont let them consume your life and keep you from being healthy. You only get one life, so get out and live!

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  • Mcoughlin133

    Can you please share some more specific ways you helped to cut your schedule and give yourself more free time? You say that you found stuff online that helped you increase productivity and I would like to look into it more personally.

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