Is Trials Evolution Worth the Money?
by ZackC on April 25, 2012 at 11:34 AM EST

Trials Evolution is the newest game in the trials series. Trials Evolution is an Xbox Live Arcade series where the player has to keep a motorcycle rider balanced on his bike over a track. This type of game was very popular as a flash game that one would play online. So is it worth it to pay for what looks to be simply a bigger version of a flash game? Yes, Trials Evolution is well worth the money you will pay for it.

Trials Evolution is a well-put together game. It has a single player, a multiplayer, and even a map editor. The single player, while not a story, works like one. To progress, the player needs to beat a certain time on the course to get a medal, after a set number of medals, new courses and events are unlocked. The multiplayer is not co-op, but simply a race. The multiplayer is old school in that you have all players going at the same time.  Simply because it has a well put together single player and multiplayer, makes it worth the money that you pay for it. Some games that make you pay more do not always have a solid single player and multiplayer.

Another thing that makes Trials worth the $15 is that you have a map editor. A lot of games would be really awesome if they had a map editor. The map editor is huge. You are given access to a world that should belong in a game that is much more expensive. The editor gives you access to a bunch of times that you can use to create a fun course.

Most arcade games have a very simple look to them. Trails Evolution is one of the better-looking games on the Xbox as a whole. The detail is impeccable. The courses that you follow have details that are astounding. The developer RedLynx did not just put detail into the path you follow, but the background has just as much detail if not more than the main path.

As you progress through the game, you do not just unlock more courses, you gain access to gear. Let me rephrase, you must purchase the gear to be able to use it. The way you earn money is by doing well on the courses of the game. The gear you purchase can be customized to any color you like. Many games give you the opportunity to get gear and to customize the stuff, but not arcade games.

Trials Evolution has more features then most arcade games. It even has some features that full games do not have. Yes, it is worth the amount that you pay, and then some. Trials Evolution is a fun game that you can play repeatedly by yourself, and with friends. It is one of the best arcade games, that I have played in a long time.

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