Kids and Sports
by Brittanyf on April 28, 2012 at 02:00 PM EST

Sports are one of the things that keep some kids focused. If you have ever seen a troubled kid who excels in sports, after some time, things begin to change. Sports give them a sense of accomplishments and pride.

Starting from bitty ball, little league, to middle and high school, sports are there to help and encourage. It keeps them active and give them a challenge. .,

I have recently seen the impact of sport on kids. To have a great coach who corrects and encourage is awesome. Coaches are role models for so many kids. They spend a lot of time with your children. My father is a coach, and I hear the stories of how he impacted so many kids. Its more responsible for coaches to watch what they do, but they have too because of the kids looking up too them.

Get your kids involved and have fun. Mistakes will be made, but correct them in love. I will never forget the day that one of my kids finally got the ball and went to shoot it. She made the shoot and the other team got the point. She was too excited until she found out that she had shot it in the wrong goal. Happiness went to tears of sadness. Lesson learned through it all. Have fun and have a great weekend!

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