Console Wars – Are we ready?
by dreamland2000 on May 10, 2012 at 10:32 AM EST

Editor’s Note: This is an Editorial Piece and therefore facts can be inferred from speculation and rumored talk in the industry.

So, Sony has announced (through rumors only) a new version of PlayStation to compete alongside Microsofts 720 and the Nintendo Wii U. But are we truly ready for another console battle and have the developers tapped every last ounce of usage out of the current ones?

I know that Sony/PlayStation wants to get away from the idea of it being solely a ‘games console’ and more of a centre for your home media. I personally like that idea, as I am all about new tech and gadgets. Also, with the now ever more popular online movie rental streaming sites doing away with actual discs the use of one central hub for all your media sounds good.

Now, Microsoft is releasing details of the new Xbox 720 in direct competition to the PlayStation. We all know that the 360 was kind of ‘rushed’ out the factory doors in the attempt to snap up more of the market share before the Playstation hit the shelves. But in doing so did Microsoft fully allow the full potential of this console or give us gamers the hardware we were hoping for?

I have played both consoles and found them both to be very good in there own ways, for a solely gaming console the Xbox is very good. Now, I’m not saying the PlayStation is not a good gaming machine, but it feels as if it is more directed away from being stuffed under the TV in the bedroom, to where  you would find it in the main living area where it can be used as not only a gaming machine, but a true media hub for movies, music, pictures e.t.c.

Getting back to the upcoming consoles, so far the details of them are still a little thin, but we have the usual rumours and speculations attached. From what I have found while digging around on the PlayStation and Xbox sites are some very promising details. How close they are to the truth is yet to be seen, but all in all things are looking exciting. Hopefully this time both companies will fully harness the power that these new consoles can give us and not give us less than 100% complete products.

Something that I think these two companies will be looking forward to is the cloud based services that are becoming ever more popular now with users. Also, the other area would be the use of motion to control and interact with the games and media. Currently, we have Kinect for the Xbox which works very well and is good fun to use. For the PlayStation they have the PSMove which again is very fun to use. This could be a new way of how games are played, perhaps moving away from the classic controller and becoming more involved with the actions in the game. But, we will just have to see what both companies will do, but as they release more details we will keep you all updated and informed.

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  • Gregory Laporte

    Its pretty assumed that we will be getting a PlayStation 4 sometime soon. As Sony has already stated previously that they want to release there next console before Microsoft, but it is inferred. So we can speculate that there next console has been confirmed. Just in case anyone was wondering. 

    Great First Article by the way 

  • Travis

    It’s etc, short for et cetera.  Where was this system announcement?

  • 300cstanglover2008

    What kind of wording is this? When did Microsft release any information about the next system besides officially stating they have no information on the next system? Same with Sony. How are you using rumored specs and assumptions as facts?

  • Dfs

    This article is idiotic.

    • BlackBible

      And for a sec I thought you were going to troll. ;-) 

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