Dragon’s Dogma Demo, Impressive?
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on May 18, 2012 at 12:43 PM EST

DragonRecently, Capcom released a demo for Dragon’s Dogma on both the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The demo allows you to take part in two missions and allows you to delve into the character creator that is available in the trial. Is this demo enough to help the game sell the millions of copies that they are hoping it will sell this Tuesday. Let’s take a look.

First, let us start with the single player missions that you will get the chance to play while experimenting in the demo. There are two missions, one where you must kill a chimera and the other where you must kill a giant bird type creature. Each of these missions will allow you to take a bunch of characters called pawns into the fight. The great feature about having these extra characters is that they will help you in battle and give you additional information to defeat the enemies. This can range anywhere from telling you where to attack the enemy or giving you an alley-op into the air to attack the enemy.

Dragon’s Dogma will have a character customization system that many gamers will be familiar with, as other RPGs have incorporated a similar system that allows for customization of your characters. The demo does not really have many features available for customization but what is great is the fact, that you will be able to get some hands on experience with the mode beforehand. You can design anything on your character ranging from their boob size, height, weight, and other facial features. There is a lot you can customize and I hope it expands when the game releases.

No co-op online is going to be a breaking point that I believe for many people looking to purchase this game might shy away from in the end. The way that you play the game with the help of pawns and additional NPCs to fight off chimeras and Griffins is almost a shame that you cannot enjoy it with a good friend of yours. The game is set up perfectly with the ability to have pawns and other NPCs near you in battle. The thought at having another person that is more capable than an AI counterpart would make this a more enjoyable and fun experience. This might happen at some point later down the line, but If this game wants to be in direct competition with a game like Dark Souls, a co-operative robust online experience would serve this well. I mean the pawn system is nice but it does not seem that in-depth to where you will lose hours upon hours of time. This is the demo however, so only time can tell.

Dragon’s Dogma is looking like it will be a great action Rpg for gamers looking for something to consume time until all hell breaks loose this November with a lot of the heavy hitting titles coming. However, Dragon’s Dogma looks like it might actually be one of those surprise hits that gamers will want to pick up this spring. It might not achieve the ten million Capcom is hoping, but it might get pretty damn near it. The customization provides a lot of detail for you to get into and the experience can provide some user created innovation. We will find out when the game releases this Tuesday.

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