Fast Food and Nutrition Do Not Mix!
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on May 5, 2012 at 10:18 AM EST

(Dominos Fast Food and some of their “Nutritional” content)

Hey everyone, here is a tri-weekly article series starting up and continuing onward hopefully forever (well, as long as there are fast food chains and restaurants) and depending on how many fast food companies I can find to focus on and foods I choose to look at. (Many variables here) Today, we are taking a gander at Dominos and what Dominos deems as nutritious. There is some shocking stuff to be viewed here and you might be surprised by what you see and experience. Well, enough of me talking/writing have a look at the embedded video to get this party started.

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon this great Pizza Hut Commercial (embedded above) which displays a couple of new Pizzas available in the Middle East. The video is posted above in case you have not seen it yet. Now, Pizza is sometimes a guilty pleasure and while these courses look delicious to your mind and mouth. I doubt your body is feeling the same sentiment. All of that cheese, meat, and sauce may taste good going in, but as it travels through your body, it leaves a lasting effect that could take days to work off. Whether it is your arteries, amount of fat included in your meal or cholesterol and calorie content a slice may contain, it is obvious that this cannot be good for you.

I find it funny that whenever you head to a Fast Food restaurant’s nutrition side of the site, the ways they present the numbers make it seem like the meal is almost healthier than what you expect. The first chain where I really noticed this was one of the biggest pizza places on the planet. (In my opinion anyway) Dominos allows you to create a pizza online by the use of a calorie counter on their site. This is very useful because it gives you how much calories are in what you are eating however; it only tells you the total calories for 1/6 of a pie. One sixth of a pizza pie is one serving and in that one serving holds the calories and additional nutritional content for that pizza, you created. It might look healthy on paper, but secretly it is bad for you. Here is one scenario for you. It is Friday night and your loved one wants to order a meal because you both work 40hrs a week and do not have the time to cook. You come to the conclusion that you want something healthy and instead of going out you order online and say, “Dominos delivers and you can order online” (I know it’s a stretch, but it’s a plausible situation) you head over to the dominos nutritional page because you want to be health conscious about your decision.

Click Image to see full nutritional content!

On this page, you can make your “healthy pizza” as they say and decide that you want a thin crust Ex-Large Pizza with American cheese and Peperoni. Your significant other also wants some veggies thrown on there, so you add mushrooms, jalapenos, green peppers, and hot banana peppers. (She likes it hot and spicy what can I say!) You buy the extra-large pizza because you know that you and your significant other tend to run through a pizza quick. The last time, you ate her final slice and she cursed you out. Aside from the Pizza, you decide to order a side dish to make sure that your meal is well-rounded for the rest of the night and well not be hungry later on. Therefore, you order two sides of garden fresh salads and a 2L bottle of Coke Zero because your significant other is nagging about how she does not want the calories of Coke and all that good stuff. (Yet, their ordering a pizza? Go figure) after it is all said and done you look up the total amount of calories and see that it says for the Pizza 360 calories, Coke Zero 0 calories and for the salad its 140 calories. Now looking more extensively at this you notice that all of this is only included for one serving of each item. You want to look into it more closely, so you click the view details tab and come to a startling revelation. The total of this so-called meal is 430 calories. That is only and only if you have one slice of pizza, your order of salad and one cup of coke. Now the problem here is nobody and I mean nobody eats just once slice of pizza. If you actually look at the totality of the meal, the pizza is actually 2800 calories if you include all eight slices. If you and your spouse were to eat half of the pizza and your salads just for dinner, that would be 790 apiece on top of whatever you may have eaten for breakfast and lunch earlier that day. It is very easy to be carried away by misinformation.

The point I am trying to make here, is that seeing something with a low calorie count does not always necessarily mean that it is good for you. Franchises and companies are now finding much more craftier ways to make a meal seem more appealing by giving us a calorie count. If your meal says its only 450 calories you should be asking yourself, what makes up those 450 calories? Is it calories from fat, carbohydrates which not used can lead to fat, is it an excess amount of protein which the body will not be able to process. You also have to be aware of items that say there are no calories in it at all. The diet coke might seem good on paper, but as you look more into it, all they really did is take out the products that produce the calories and replace it with sodium. This sodium can cause your body to retain water, which can lead to you adding on a couple pounds of water weight.

Finally, we have reached the end of part one! I hope you all learned something from this article, and that you will be more cautious. It appears more and more companies are trying to use calories as a means to confuse us into thinking that unhealthy foods are actually “healthy” for us in certain instances and with certain topping. Stay tuned in a couple weeks, as I will be taking a closer look at some chicken wings from pizza hut! (Can’t Wait, so yummy with lots of fat wait that’s not good!)

Source: Dominos Nutritional Calories Counter

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