Gamer Workout: Ultimate Warm-Up: “LOWER” Fast Twitch Igniter!
by Scott Herman on June 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

Ultimate Warm-Up: “LOWER” Fast Twitch Igniter!

THIS IS NOT A WORKOUT! So don’t treat it like one! The more muscle you can activate before a lift, the stronger you will be! But remember, this is a warm-up, and if done properly you will break through some of you current plateaus in no time!

For Tracking and measuring you will need a stop watch

You will need a STRAIGHT LINE on the ground for three of the drills.

Be sure to download the tracking and measuring sheet!
1. First go to
2. Once logged in to SHF go to the ROUTINES body diagram and click on “Warm-Ups” then click on “Ultimate Warm-Up: “LOWER” Fast Twitch Igniter!” to download the score sheet!

• 4 drills
• 2 circuits
• 10-12 seconds per drill

(1:16)- Routine Sets & Reps
(1:17)- Quick Feet- Lateral (Jack’s Demonstration)

(1:32)- Quick Feet- Forward (Jack’s Demonstration)

(1:40)- Quick Feet- Alternate (Jack’s Demonstration)

(1:56)- Wide Outs (Jack’s Demonstration)

(2:30)- Quick Feet- Lateral (Scott’s Turn)
(3:28)- Quick Feet- Forward (Scott’s Turn)
(4:01)- Quick Feet- Alternate (Scott’s Turn)
(5:26)- Wide Outs (Scott’s Turn)

(0:20)- Link to Ultimate Warm-Up: “LOWER” Muscle Activation!
(0:33)- Jack’s YouTube (
(6:15)- Link to Ultimate Warm-Up: “LOWER” Muscle Activation!
(6:17)- Jack’s YouTube (

Ultimate Warm-Up: “LOWER” Fast Twitch Igniter!

NOTE: Timestamps are available for each exercise in the info section of the video when watching on YouTube.

• Rest as needed between sets
• You can change the order of the exercises

Remember, when doing this warm-up, work at your OWN intensity.

• This means if you cannot perform as many sets and reps as I do in the video, do as many as you can.

• This warm-up should be done before any routine involving the lower body.

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the SHF Meal Plan.

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