Konami’s E3 Pre-Show is better than the Full Press Conferences they’ve had in years because of Castlevania: LOS 2
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on June 1, 2012 at 11:57 AM EST

In case, you did not watch it. Early Friday morning and late Thursday night on the west coast, Gamtrailers and Konami gave us gamers a hardcore stake to the heart showing off a lot and I mean lot of exclusive E3 footage. Among the announcements was footage shown for Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengeance, Zone of the Enders HD Collection, a few social games and my personal favorite a new Castlevania game. One thing that is clear; when Lords of Shadow was initially released, it was well received by critics and gamers alike. The game garnered a good metacritic score and was praised for the new take and successfulness of making a good 3D Castlevania game.

I really think that Konami’s pre-show is the way to go for them. It is the best way to avoid the awkwardness and hilarity of their 2010 press conferences. Whether it’s one mirron troops or Dance Masters. I really believe that this year’s pre-show had a little something for everyone. Although, if you had watched GameTrailers you would have seen most of what they talked about beforehand but that doesn’t take away the great showing that they had this year. I know it might be mediocre compared to bigger publishers like Nintendo, Sony, EA, and Ubisoft. The fact is that they have made a large profit on the great franchises that have made their names synonymous with quality. Let us be honest though Hideo Kojima had a role to play with that.

Although an actual press conference would have been better, this online showing was just as good from a personal and gaming enthused standpoint. E3 is literally around the corner and with our booking already in place with Konami to get a booth tour; we look forward to being able to get some great information about all of their new titles. I have not been able to finish LOS 1 because of time constraints and my PS3 YLOD’ing twice in my quest to finish the game but with this announcement, it is more of an incentive to go back and give it another try.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is a title that I am going to love. Why? The fact of the matter is that I have been a fan of Castilevania since its inception. Yea, I guess I’m an old school gamer like that. The one title I remember playing that showed the potential in the series going the way it has was Lament of Innocence. If you played that game on the PS2 you will remember that it had some good points and some really bad ones. The good showed the potential that later became a realization in announcement of LOS 1 and now hopefully with LOS 2.

The most important part of the announcement of a New Castleavania is the fact that it looks like Gabriel Belmont protagonist of the first title, is now the bad guy as he has fangs, superhuman powers, and the fact that he transforms into a giant dragon-like creature to fight the golem attacking. If you watched the trailer, you will notice a familiar figure with a sword and long gray hair. If you have ever played arguable one of the best PlayStation games ever (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night) which is out on the PSN (better pick it up) it features Alucard who is Dracula’s son as the main character that you play as. Could this be his return to the franchise? I hope so because that would be amazing.

Where I really want LOS 2 to improve on is the gameplay. The game had some cool sequences like the werewolf/unicorn sequence. I really hope that there are more of those sequences. More over the top kills that were reminiscent to those in God of War would be a plus as well. The combo system was great as well and I would love to see that evolve, along with the upgrade system that they had in the game. I felt after I had time to reflect on the time I had with the first game that it was well done, but could have used some fine-tuning in select areas of the game that could lead for expansion. I guess all of this is really speculation, as we will not have a chance until next week to get a feel for the game.

With E3 only a couple of days away, what title/s are you looking forward to that are going to be at the show. Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Guest1592

    Hey geniuses, not to be a dick, but Konami has only been doing a Pre-E3 show since last E3 in 2011. So “best one in years” is such a dumb mistake.

    • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

      Not really a dumb mistake. I take it you didn’t read the article if your so bent out of shape about the title. 

      • Guest1592

        It is a mistake. A title is what drags people to read your article. Putting an inaccurate heading only makes people think that you are uninformed. I did of course read the article, why would I be here otherwise? Yes after reading, you can kind of make the assumption that you meant “this years pre show was better then any of their full conferences in the last few years” but the title does not come across that way.

        • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

          You know what I have changed the title of the article to reflect that to not confuse readers. Hopefully people will actually read the article and not make a pre-determined decision about something without reading first. 

          • Guest1592

            Good boy.

  • Vampiric

    Theyve only had 2 pre e3 shows………

    this article is stupid

    and thank got los 2 is the last one of these, it will go back to the competent konami team

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