Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 2012 Shows off new updated Wii-U Gamepad and Features
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on June 3, 2012 at 11:56 PM EST

 Global President Satoru Iwata was supposed to announce a lot of information about the Wii U and boy did he ever. I will post the link to the Nintendo E3 site below for your viewing pleasure. Anyway back to the discussion at hand. Noticeable differences to the Wii U controller are that there are no longer sliders, but actually analog sticks for control. The Second difference is that the controller will use a card reader that could potentially be used for reading cards. The Third change is that the controller will use a motion sensor and gyroscope for more motion controller. That means more great games for working out for the win!

All other existing controllers like the Nunchuk, Wii Remote, and Wii Fit balance board will work with the Wii U, but now they have also announced that there will be a new Wii U Pro Controller that looks like a mash up of a NES Controller with a modern day Xbox controller. Looks like there is going to be something for hardcore gamers to enjoy while playing the Wii. I guess there is a first time for everything.

Other things that are more noticeable to mention is that you can use the Wii remote as an actually Tv remote to turn on your TV and put it into input mode to play your games. What is also great about the controller is that you can play your games in same way that you play them on your game console. Yes, that means they can be played in the glorious 1080p that you will experience them on that brand spanking LCD HD TV in your living room.

They also announcd Mii-Verse, an updated version of the Mii Plaza. This launches at the beginning of the console and is similar to a Nintendo-like social network for the Wii U. You can send messages and send notes to friends and others around you. This is great for tranferring game content and screenshots to other Mii’s. This can be accessed by all games from the home menu and by pressing the home button. An example was shown with a game that looks like a Super Mario game, where you see notes from other players that have died and left notes for others to see. Just so you know, this is also available on the 3DS as the social network will be available on phones as well.

Social Window was also announced, which also links player to player through living room to living room. This is essentially a video chat service so that you can connect to your friends online and have a quick video chat with them. All of these will be availible on any web enabled device all of which will launch at different times. There is also a internet browser that allows you to share what you are watching on your controller with those in your living room. It seems like family entertainment seems to be the way Nintendo is going with this new console. We can expect more as we will be at their press conference.  To watch the rest of Nintendo Direct E3 2012, click the link below.

Link to Nintendo Direct Wii U announcement:;jsessionid=02FF2FB908270F81D3D59A89387D3812

Source: Nintendo

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