Sports Connection Preview E3 2012
by Alfredo López Editor GFN, LA West Coast on June 15, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Sports Connection

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Barcelona

Platform: Wii U

Release Date: Holiday 2012

Genre: Sports/Party

Sports Connection brings some of the world’s most popular sports to the comfort of your home. With Sports Connection gamers can play using the new Wii U controller along with the Nintendo Wii Remote. Gamers can play single player games, co-op, or compete against each other in multiplayer.

Sports Connection will feature six of the most popular sports which include soccer, football, baseball, tennis, golf, and karting. The new Wii U controller will let gamers use the touch screen to control a blitz or sack a quarterback in football. For soccer players could curve the ball to score on free kicks! Wii MotionPlus will make your golf swing or home run hit more precise.

Gamers can now play on their TV and New Controller. Gamers can drive their karts against up to five players (four split screens on the TV and the New Controller). If you play solo, you may switch anytime between your New Controller and TV!

Play on both on your TV and New Controller: Drive your kart to victory competing with up to five players (four split screens on your TV + the New Controller), or play solo switching anytime between the New Controller and TV!

Aside from being a golfer, the New Controller allows gamers to scan and analyze the field to give you a role of a caddie. You could also play fun mini games like the tennis Serving Machine Challenge and play against friends. Aside from playing against friends, you could also create teams, get rewards, accept challenges, and share scores with them wherever in the world they may be!

My Thoughts: 

Lucky for me, I got to try the Sports Connection baseball demo at E3 2012. Sports Connection is a great game for the family. Players can take the role of a pitcher by swiping the Wii U Controller’s screen, while the batter uses the Wii Remote to take a swing. As a pitcher, you will see the ball coming your way; realistically you should be able to make an attempt to catch the ball. In Sports Connection you can do just that! That particularly made the game more fun because that feature makes you interact more with the game, rather than just pitching you could also catch! Overall, I had a fun time playing Sports Connection, there wasn’t really a moment where I wasn’t doing nothing, and games should always keep you moving and thinking!

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