Dyad Review PS3: A Mind Blowing Experience
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on July 17, 2012 at 04:42 PM EST
Dyad Review PS3
Publisher: ][( Right Square Bracket, Left Square Bracket)
Developer: ][( Right Square Bracket, Left Square Bracket)
Platforms:  PlayStation 3 PSN Exclusive
Release Date: July 17, 2012
Genre: Racing, Puzzle, Arcade
Price: $14.99

Think of the happiest moment in your life, whether it is your first kiss, a higher paycheck, getting a brand new bike, or your first love. That is what Dyad is: a thrill ride that provides a rush better than any performing enhancing substance could ever provide, without the negative side effects. Dyad is a racing, puzzle, and arcade game all in one, and it is one complete fantastical ride. This PlayStation Network title, which releases on July 17, has magically found its way into my console for review. Is this the enchanting spectacle of your dreams? Read our review to find out.

What truly sets Dyad apart from other racing games are the enthralling visuals and audio. The graphics of the stages feature, trippy, glowing colors, to illustrate a very euphoric feel. Its color scheme and how that scheme blends when you are speeding down the tunnel are immaculate. When you hit a wall or get a game over screen, it also messes with your mind. It feels as though it builds upon the pleasure centers of your mind and unlocks the happiness locked within you.

David Kanaga, Dyad’s enigmatic composer, creates a soundtrack that serves as a portal into the depths of the erogenous zones of the human mind touching on some of your most sentimental and repressed emotions, relaxing you from real life stress as you play. For added fun, pressing the L2 or R2 buttons when selecting a stage allows you to manipulate the speed of the music.

Dyad’s gameplay consists of twenty-six diverse levels that contain three modes each. You have the standard level objective, trophy mode, and of course, a free play remix mode that allows you to alter the level to your liking.

Some levels require button mashing in order to pair enemies. Pairing enemies is unlocked in later stages and creates zip lines for extra speed. Shooting enemies of the same color creates these zip lines. These zip lines are paths that you ride along which help you gain speed as you go. Nearly dodging enemies will also result in a minimal speed boost to improve your time. This will help you in achieving objectives, such as the time trials that you will have to do. The levels in the game almost make Dyad more like a puzzle game, as they always make you think on your feet. There are levels that will require you to pair a certain amount of enemies by the end of the level. This requires that you match enemies of the same color and some levels are limited in the amount times you can shoot beams to pair enemies. This makes it more challenging.

Levels are unique mainly because they are beautifully lit and well designed. They all have the same structure with you speeding down a tube. What makes them great is the fact that it adjusts your mind’s eye. The mind is a powerful asset and the speeding down a tunnel at a ridiculous speed while having only 30 button presses to pair enemies will test your hand eye-coordination and skill.

Time limit stages are the most challenging levels, requiring critical thinking to be able to reach the maximum time that is allotted. There is never a moment where the player is forced to overcome an insanely difficult­ task. All missions are very possible to complete, as long as the player can master chaining enemies together.

Overtime, you gain new powers as you progress through the game­— such as lancing into enemies, which increases  your speed as you speed down the florescent tunnel. You can gain invincibility, which allows you to collide with enemies in certain levels to progress. This is gained later on in the game in the later modes, which adds to the difficulty. You will also unlock new enemies, skills, powers, and additional obstacles that may help or hurt your journey. Even the colors of the stages changes, challenging your hand eye-coordination and concentration while bizarre images fly at you in lightning speed.

The completion of the first standard level objective unlocks the remix mode and trophy mode. I have to say that trophy mode is possibly some of the hardest trials that I have attempted while gaming. These are not mandatory and can be completed at any time; however, they add immense replay value to an already great experience.

The game also supports leaderboards, which allows you to see your ranking globally and between friends. This provides a huge amount of replay value to the game, as you are able to compete with friends and strangers alike to see who can be the best at a certain level.


  • None


  • Leaderboards
  • Lots of Replay Value
  • Great gameplay and pacing as you progress into later levels.

Final Thoughts:

Dyad is great title that provides a lot of replay value, great diversity in levels and difficulty that all users can enjoy. The game excels in its presentation where it has unique colors that really give you a feeling of euphoria. Shawn Mcgrath, Dyad’s creator, should be honored at the masterpiece he has created. I know I will be playing for days, months, and probably years, because it is just that impacting to my life.

Final Score:

Dyad gets psychedelic 9 out of 10.

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