Game Point… Wrapping up Summer Break
by Brittanyf on July 28, 2012 at 01:52 PM EST

July 2012, Benton, LA – This week wraps up my summer with the neighborhood kids. I have enjoyed their enthusiasm and their teamwork. Over this past summer, they have learned how to encourage each other and not break them down. This is was an issue at the begnning of the summer, but I have seen a tremendous change in them. Last week we played tennis. This is one of my favorite sports from middle school and high school, but apparently they had never seen tennis before.

My girls had no clue what they were doing. That made the tennis experience even better. Whatever team served, won! EVERY TIME! Finally, the boys show them how to swing at the right time, and it still didnt help much. I had those girls thinking they were pros! The next Serena Williams in their mind. We wrapped up our last week together getting them ready to get involved and get moving this past school year.

I can’t wait to attend sporting events to support the kids that I had this summer!

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