Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings Announced, May or May Not Have Robots
by Amy Finn on July 23, 2012 at 04:53 PM EST

Dermiurge Studios has announced the release of their newest player-versus-player game Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings. The standalone title is a follow-up from their recent game Shoot Many Robots. In Arena Kings, players are pitted against one another in a “game of (porcelain) thrones,” says a recent press release. In “Royal Flush,” the players must kill one another to collect crowns that they then flush down a golden, teleporting toilet.

The game is currently in closed beta. There is new content being added daily based on reviews and feedback from players. Kings and Queens wishing to join the fun can sign up here. The site is sending out new keys weekly. Arena Kings is available for PC via Steam and is a free-to-play title.

“We’re taking out favorite parts of Shoot Many Robots and stirring in PvP competition and gameplay that’s constantly evolving,” says Will Jennings, lead designer on Arena Kings, in the press release. “It’s like a big tasty vegetarian stew with lots of guns in it, but also alive and mutating and fighting other soups. While I’ve got notebooks full of weapons, special moves, and pants I can’t wait to add, what’s really exciting is getting to hear from players in the earliest stages of the game’s development and giving them what they’re asking for, sometimes in the very next weekly update.”

Like it’s predecessor, Arena Kings will include some zany gear, including favorites such as butterfly wings, tighty-whities, and deep-sea diver helmets. The game will continue to be creative with its uses for all the equipment. Arena Kings will also build upon Shoot Many Robots by allowing the player to complete challenges to unlock upgrades and achievements among other changes.

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