Skylanders Accessories By Power A
by Antwand Pearman on July 17, 2012 at 12:02 PM EST

Skylanders Accessories

Skylanders Spryo’s Adventure is one of the smash hit successes of the year. What better way to make this success even greater by improving the experience. Well, Power A is releasing some awesome accessories for Skylanders that you might want to check out. In this video, John Moore from Power A gives us the lowdown on the newest and best Skylanders Accessories that will be releasing later this year. New Skylanders accessories like backpacks, a tower to hold your Skylanders, 3DS styluses and much more. There is a lot of cool stuff that might interest you in the video posted below. I know people are going to be jealous when they see your child walking around with the freshest Skylanders items on the market.

If you really don’t believe me, check out the video that is posted after the break for all of the newest and upcoming Skylanders Accessories. Enjoy!

Remember, Skylanders Giants will be releasing this fall.You can also expect the accessories around the same time as well. Be sure to stay tuned to GamerFitNation for all your latest Skylanders info.

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