Hip Hop Dance Experience From Gamescom Coverage
by Amy Finn on August 16, 2012 at 03:17 PM EST

Hip Hop Dance Experience From Gamescom Coverage

Hip Hop Dance Experience

Over 750 dance moves inspired by celebrity choreographers, including Kid David (Step Up 3D, Dancing with the stars), come together to make up the hottest dance game from Ubisoft, The Hip Hop Dance Experience. It is the first authentic hip-hop game in the dance genre, according to press release. With chart-topping hits to inspire their smooth moves, players will trigger visual effects and transform their living rooms into a real music video.

Multiplayer mode allows gamers to go head to head while they can improve their skills by going solo as well. Battle it out in Dance battle mode; Dance Marathon mode keeps the music going until the score stops moving. By unlocking hundreds of new looks and accessories, players can customize their avatars and express their personal fashion senses. Look for Hip Hop Dance Experience in stores in November 2012, rating pending.

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