Hybrid Review (Xbox 360)
by Alfredo on August 16, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

Publisher: 5TH Cell
Developer:5TH Cell
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Release Date: August 8, 2012
Price: $15

Hybrid is a multiplayer third person shooter video game with no single player campaign, set in the center of a futuristic war between a robotic looking species known as the Variant, and a rebellious human organization called the Paladins. Players can choose to play as either the Variant or Paladins as they fight over the world’s most powerful source; Dark Matter.

In Hybrid, players can use walls as their covers; move left to right to avoid grenades, vaulting, or flying from wall to wall. During flight, you could reload or switch weapons, but doing so slows down your current flight speed, allowing enemies to freely shoot at you. As you fly to another wall, you could also use a small boost that makes you temporarily faster during flight—a great feature that becomes useful when being ambushed—and if you change your mind about your destination during flight, you could always point at the desired destination and fly over.

The weapon selection is pretty basic; players can use assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and grenades with unlimited ammo. If the player chose a weapon that they didn’t want or don’t want anymore, they have an option of switching weapons before re-spawning.

Offensive strategy only gets better when you start using the drones you get from your kill streaks. One kill will get you a basic drone that helps you shoot down enemies. A second straight kill will get you an even stronger drone, and your third straight kill will give you an assassin that goes and finishes off an enemy instantly! These drones are destructible, so don’t expect them to do all the work for you.

You could also acquire new weapons, abilities, and helmets by ranking up. If you can’t wait to rank up, you could also purchase credits to spend to unlock items sooner.

There’s no lag, bodies don’t go through walls, and the characters are nicely designed. Because it’s an online multiplayer you always get a different experience, it depends on who you face because everyone has a different skill level, so some sessions might be easier or harder than others.

Final Thoughts: 

Hybrid is an intense experience that is neither too complicated to play, nor too simple to not think about. The gameplay is fast, and the graphics and audio are well suited for the game because they let you feel the intense vibe of the soldiers fighting for the Dark Matter. I give this game an 8/10 because it would be better if you could play along with or against friends whether it was local or co-op. The maps seem a bit repetitive, all that really changes are the images, you could go with the same strategy into any arena because of that.

Final Score: 

Hybrid gets a 8/10

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