Madden NFL 13 Review: An Incredible Game (PS3)
by Taji Morris on August 31, 2012 at 04:48 PM EST

Madden NFL 13 Review PS3

 An Incredible Game

GamerFitNation’s DaDean’s does a Madden NFL 13 Review for the playstation 3.  This is to be an incredible game.

Madden NFL 13
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Tiburon
Platforms: PS3, Playstation Vita, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 
Release Date: August 28th, 2012
Genre: Sports
Price: $59.99 (PS3, Xbox 360) – $49.99 (Wii) – $39.99 (Playstation Vita)

I finally got my hands on this year’s Madden NFL game: Madden NFL 13.  I had the chance to play it on the PS3, and as former Arizona Cardinal head coach Dennis Green might say, It is what we thought it would be — an incredible game!

Madden NFL 13 Review

First off, lets start by getting at the “issues”.

There’s been a ton of commotion about the lack of compatibility with NCAA 13.  A lot of die hard fans took it personally when EA decided to take that feature out, a feature that allowed users to import their NCAA 13’s Road to Glory player into Madden 13.  On paper, this does seem ludacris.  I was very sceptical about this decision and went into playing the game a bit jaded because of the idea.  But after I introduced myself to the NEW career mode, I began to understand why that feature was left out.  It just wasn’t needed this year.  Madden 13’s new Connected Career mode is so deep and such a unique experience, trust me, you will get over it.  I’m huge fan of RPG games, and I mention RPG’s in a sports game review because Madden has managed to give me an RPG experience.  I create my player, implement his backstory, and follow the league follow him!  Literally, a twitter feed will show what the media and former NFL players have to say about my character, as well as other news around the NFL.  Kudos EA, you got me.

Another omitted feature that may be tough to swallow is the single season mode.  There is none.  No fantasy draft, no controlling 32 teams.  Again, my brow was raised as I navigated the menus trying to prove the rumors untrue, but, alas, they were.  However, much like before, this was due to the ever so dynamic Connected Career mode.  You can play a full season, you just have to play as a player or the coach of that team.  You can continue to play season, after season, after season, and even move around to play as different players if you like.  It really was awesome to see the Cleveland Browns sign Donovan McNabb to a one year deal as I started my career, and have the option to ditch my player and play as McNabb before the season started.  If I didn’t like how things were going with McNabb, I could hop back over to my original player choice and pick up wherever the CPU left him during the season.  No complaints here EA, good job at evolving such a deep rooted game like Madden.  NOTE:  This only seemed to work when choosing to play a career as an active player.  Once I retired with created players, they were gone forever.

Madden NFL 13 Review

Now to the good stuff.

The graphics are sharp, the gameplay is smooth, and the presentation is captivating.  From the onset of the game, you’re inspired (by Ray Lewis nonetheless) to play some good ole football.  The soundtrack boast a classic NFL Films vibe and navigating through menus is fairly intuitive.  Stadiums are extraordinary, the commentary is a solid representation of what you’ll really hear on Sunday’s, and you’ll see a ton of familiar faces on the field and on the sidelines as EA did a good job of recreating the faces of the NFL’s biggest names.

Madden NFL 13 Review

The new Infinity Engine gives the game a very realistic feel, as players react more naturally to their environment.  Playing both offense and defense is improved by this feature.  Running backs like Adrian Peterson are hard to bring down, and Ray Lewis lays the boom like only Ray Lewis can.  A TON of new animations have been added to the game as well, so players will very rarely be seen doing the same things over and over again.

All in all, this years game is a great experience.  Yes, there are some major changes when it comes to season modes and career modes.  But honestly, if you are a true football fan, then this year’s Madden is a MUST have.

Final verdict: 8/10


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