NBA Baller Beats With Carmelo Anthony
by Antwand Pearman on August 26, 2012 at 09:48 AM EST
Interviewer: Antwand “BlackBible”  Pearman
Video: Gerard “HipHopGamer” Williams
Sound/Lighting: Taji Morris
Producer: Adonis Harris
                                                                        NBA Baller Beats With Carmelo Anthony 

NBA Baller Beats Carmelo Anthony

GamerFitNation’s Antwand “BlackBible” Pearman Interviewed Carmelo Anthony on NBA Baller Beats during ProCamps at St John’s University. Anthony lead the  way at St. John’s University showing today’s youths how gaming can be both active and fun with NBA Baller Beats. this upcoming full-motion basketball rhythm game was being used to teach dribbling at ProCamps, a nation-wide sports summer camp program. For those of you concern about apartments and carpets, NBA Baller Beats will have information on where to purchase alternatives ball.
For the most part the game works as promoted and is very enjoyable. Even the great Carmelo Anthony had to find his groove while playing. Still I can’t wait to have the full experience of the game for myself, I’m hoping it will teach me how to dribble. 
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