NBA Baller Beats to be Used in Summer ProCamps
by Amy Finn on August 2, 2012 at 04:40 PM EST

In a recent press release, innovative video game publisher, Majesco Entertainment Company, is teaming up with ProCamps to bring NBA Baller Beats to its 2012 summer basketball programs across America. NBA Baller Beats is the first, full body motion-based NBA game that allows players to use a real ball to practice real ball-handling skills. Players dribble to the beat of popular songs. They will be able to apply the skills they learn from the camp directly to the game.

“Each summer, ProCamps gives thousands of new players a unique learning experience from some of the best in the NBA and WNBA, and we’re excited to give these youth an opportunity for early hands-on time with NBA Baller Beats,” said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Majesco Entertainment, in the press release. “Kids who aspire to perform like a pro baller on the court can play the game to continue mastering crossovers, pump fakes, behind-the-back and other skill moves in a high energy, beats-driven experience that makes you want to keep playing again and again.”

ProCamps has operated, developed, and managed sports camps since 1998. They’ve also run related events for professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, WNBA, and Women’s Professional Soccer. Some of the best players in the NBA and WNBA will instruct kids from ages 7-18 in the ProCamps basketball programs. Each programs lasts 2-4 days each, and offer a unique opportunity to improve their ball-handling skills.

“We see NBA Baller Beats as an exciting new step in motion-controlled video games,” said Eric Liebler, SVP of Camp Operations for ProCamps, according to the press release. “The fact that it places an actual basketball into the hands of our campers sets it apart from any other video game to date. When it launches in September, NBA Baller Beatswill be a fun way for kids to continue building the baller skills they learn here at camp.”

During the program, NBA Baller Beats will have a station set up for demos so children can learn about the game from a product ambassador. At the end of each camp session, ProCamps will host a competition, where the winner will earn the opportunity to compete against the headline athlete and win a free copy of the Baller Beats game.

According to the press release, here is the NBA Baller Beats ProCamp Schedule:

•           John Calipari – Lexington, KY, Aug 1-4

•           Kyrie Irving – Avon Lake, OH, Aug 11-12

•           Brandon Jennings – Mequon, WI, Aug 18-19

•           Carmelo Anthony – Jamaica, NY, Aug 24-25

•           Candace Parker – Calabasas, CA, Sept. 15-16

•           Kevin Love – Eden Prairie, MN, Sept. 22-23

•           Stephen Curry – San Francisco, CA, Sept. 22-23

•           Chris Paul – Los Angeles, CA, Date TBA

NBA Baller Beats will launch exclusively on Kinect™ for Xbox 360®. The game challenges players to dribble to the beat of a song and perform special skill moves to earn points that will enable them to unlock achievements, assets, and additional gameplay. There are different modes to play in, including single-player, Move School, and multiplayer, where you can challenge up to eight of your friends. Kenny Smith, two-time NBA champion and Emmy Award-winning TNT NBA analyst, is also available for in-game tutorials and tips so players can maximize their performances. There are also three difficulty levels for each song: Rookie, Pro, and Baller; every player from novice to pro can raise their game.

Each copy of NBA Baller Beats will come packaged with a Spalding® NBA game ball replica, and will debut on September 11, 2012. Find out more at

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