Who Won the Summer: PSN Play or Summer of Arcade?
by ZackC on August 23, 2012 at 02:00 PM EDT

Summer of ArcadeThis summer we have had several online releases, mostly through PSN Play and the Summer of Arcade for Xbox Live Arcade. Both of these events had some good games and were a great buy for the players who picked up the titles. However, while both systems had good games, The Summer of Arcade was the better event simply because it had more high quality games that came out exclusively for the Xbox.

First, let us look at what PSN Play and The Summer of Arcade released. PSN Play released Papo & Yo, The Expendables 2, Sound Shapes, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The Summer of Arcade had Dust: An Elysian Tale, Hybrid, Deadlight, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, and Wreckateer. However, not all of these games are exclusive to their system. The Expendables 2 can now be played on both systems, but it was released early for the PSN. Counter Strike is also not exclusive to the PS3, it is simply cheaper if you purchase it through the PSN Play event. Now, this brings us to the conclusion that the Summer of Arcade had more games.

Let us now look at the quality of games that were released. We will not be comparing The Expendables 2, because it is also available for the Xbox. Counter Strike will also not be used in this discussion mainly because, it is not out yet, and it will be released for the Xbox 360. 

PSN Play released Papo & Yo, and Sound Shapes. These games are very high quality. Papo & Yo is an emotionally gripping game set in a very imaginative world, while Sound Shapes is a very fun platformer that includes original tracks from some of the most renowned musicians in the industry.

Dust An Elysian Tail, another Summer of Arcade release is a very fun and imaginative side scrolling hack and slash. Deadlight is a dark side scrolling platformer, and Wreckateer is a good Kinect game that is extremely fun to play. The best game that was released for the Summer of Arcade was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD; the game took you back to the original games and it was a blast to play. The one game that let the Summer of Arcade down was Hybrid. Although it was an innovative game in its own way, the game has no story. The game play of Hybrid, is fast paced, but with little variety.

While PSN Play released two very good titles, Summer of Arcade released four. This brings me to the next point; Summer of Arcade released their games in a timelier manner. The summer is one of the best times to go outside, as well as play on your game system. When the PSN Play was releasing almost all of their games in August, the Summer of Arcade started releasing their games in mid-July. By having earlier release dates, Summer of Arcade was able to build momentum and keep players playing the new games.

Overall, the Summer of Arcade beat out PSN Play in terms of the game quantity and quality. The Summer of Arcade’s timing was also a little bit better giving it another edge over PSN Play. In the future though, since PSN Play is not tied to a set of months like the Summer of Arcade is, there is still room for it to grow.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jj-Barrington/22605751 J.j. Barrington

    Um… Tony Hawk will be dropping for PSN Tuesday; shouldn’t it also be disqualified from counting for Summer Arcade?

  • MartinB105

    Looking at the big picture (outside of PSN Play), PSN has had Dyad and Retro/Grade, which makes it win. :)

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