Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion
by ZackC on September 8, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

The new installments of Halo and Call of Duty (CoD) are expected for release around the same time this fall. This means that there will be a debate about which game is better for online play. This debate occurs because both games can be played competitively, as well as getting picked up by average players. Most of the debate is over the weapons that are used, and the ease of death. The games should not be compared straight up like most people try to do; instead a person should look at both games’ potential pros and cons.

Halo 4 is coming out November 6 and will most likely be similar to the other Halo games that have come out with a few small tweaks. The same thing is going to be true about Call of Duty Black Ops 2; the game will not stray far from the COD roots. The roots of Halo are, giving players weapons on the map along with vehicles. CoD relies on a leveling system that gets you new weapons with no vehicles or weapons on the map. Another key difference between the games is the amount of health the players start with; Halo has always given players a fair bit of health, while CoD keeps health at a minimum.

With Halo, having weapons on the map dictates where the fighting is going to take place. When you include vehicles, the fighting locations change again. The weapons allow players to change strategies mid game. With the vehicles, more teamwork is required for the vehicles to be productive.  The other difference is, health makes players last longer and so they can be more productive for their team, thus making teamwork more important.

CoD is coming out November 13 and will be very fast-paced, just like the other CoD games. The reason that it is so fast-paced is so the players will spawn with good weapons. The good weapons come from the leveling system that CoD has. This also means that as a player gets better, they get better weapons. The lack of vehicles makes the game less reliant on their teammates.

The largest difference between the two games is most likely the special call downs that a player can do during a game. A player can get more ammo, or call in helicopters to kill other enemies. These call downs give players major advantages when they are able to reach a kill streak long enough to unlock the abilities. 

The one thing that we can compare straight up is the leveling systems. Both systems reward players for playing a lot, and playing for an extended time. The major difference between the systems is that Halo’s leveling system is purely cosmetic, while the CoD system gives game rewards. This is still not set in stone; it is however, what has happened in the past.  With Halo, the longer you played the more armor you unlocked, allowing the player to customize their look.  With CoD, the higher level a player was, the better weapons they got. I personally think that a player’s game time should not give them an advantage, because they have the practice that newer players don’t have. However, I also feel that some recognition should be given to the players who have played long and hard; this is why I think the Halo system is fairer.

The difference in game play mechanics changes the way Halo and CoD are played.  Halo is a more team-focused game that allows for a lot of changing strategies throughout a single game. CoD is more focused on a single player and builds in the team aspects indirectly.  Both games are going to be fun to play, but I feel that Halo 4 will be more newbie-friendly due to the lack of restrictions on weapons. For people who prefer a faster-paced game, CoD will most likely be the game for you. Halo will be better for people who tend to prefer team games. Nevertheless both games will be great.

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  • Ben

    Halo is definitely a better teamwork experience. I personally hate both games leveling systems now. Halo 3 had it perfect when you ONLY got experience if you won the match…this FORCED you to use teamwork if you want your efforts to count for something…in CoD (and unfortunately Halo 4), you are on the battlefield FOR YOUR OWN GAIN. It doesnt even matter if you win. As long as you focus on your own challenges or points earned, then you are rewarded…this makes team-based matches impossible, because nobody feels the pressure to WIN WIN WIN!!!

  • Trazic

    Before this poor author is ripped to shreds, I would like to point out some misleading information (regarding Halo 4) that you included in your article. Also, the following information has been confirmed by 343i through some media or another, so if you don’t believe me, look it up.
    1. Weapon placement on the map is still a major component of multiplayer flow and the focus of battle on the maps, however, as of Halo 4, “super weapons”, or more powerful weapons (such as rocket launcher, sniper, etc.) will be randomly dispersed periodically throughout the map. This way players cannot rely entirely on memorizing locations for super weapons and have to rely more on skill, and of course luck.
    2. Halo 4 will contain a call down power very similar to the kill-streaks of the CoD franchise, in the form of deployable buffs and equipment (such as shield regenerators, etc.) and are obtainable by getting kill-streaks and performing objectives.
    3. The leveling system in Halo 4 is NO LONGER COSMETIC. This means that as players gain xp and play more games, they are still able to unlock new armor for their appearance, but also can unlock new equipment/perks/weapons for customizable loadouts. I’m not certain whether the armor change is purely cosmetic or offers some gameplay altering buffs, but I am sure that unlockable buffs WILL alter the gameplay of the player. Also, super weapons cannot be unlocked for player load outs, so no one starts with a sniper and rocket launcher.
    4. Furthermore, with the addition of class-wide sprinting (players can always sprint, regardless of armor ability), no respawn counter (players can respawn immediately after death) and other minor tweaks to game modes, Halo 4’s multiplayer should play much faster than its predecessors.

    Hopefully that clarified things a bit, and prevented Zack from getting his head ripped off by Halo fanatic detail-nazis (such as myself). If any of the information I presented was false, please feel free to correct me (only i you’re right though).

    • Djskeeets

      Well said!

  • Benjamin Racho

    I have to say that i was upset to see the “Level Playing Field” that REACH had is gone. While I do play all of the big three FPS’s, HALO is still my favorite because of the level playing field. As long as both games support System Link, they will be ok by me.

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