How Could I Have Ever Forgotten, How Great Borderlands Was?
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on September 11, 2012 at 03:56 PM EDT


With the Anticipation of Borderlands 2 racing through my veins, I decided to pick up the previous game and give it some of that tender loving care that most of my games get from time to time. What I played was an eye-opening surprise that I was happy to experience once again. From the start of the game, you are taken into a universe riddled with great characters, gameplay, difficulty, replay value, and much more. This is a title that most gamers should revisit if you have not already!

Most gaming cycles consist of the following pattern. You get hyped for a game, follow news coverage, pre-order, remember the release date, beg for more news, finally buy the game, play all game modes depending on your own preferences, and lastly either beat it or add it to your backlog. I know I might be missing a couple of steps; however, this is how it is for some, if not most people. I completed Borderlands with the help of a few friends to get a well-deserved platinum trophy when it first released. Seeing as how I have had chances to play the Borderlands 2 at previous gaming events and seeing how much of an outstanding game this has become, encouraged me to look at where it all started.

As I played the game and heard the awesome intro music in the beginning, I began to remember what made this game special. Its unique concept art style, graphics, and enthralling storyline about characters searching for a vault in a barren treacherous wasteland really captivated me all over again. The characters and quests that you obtained and encountered in your search for treasure in Pandora were fun. It brought about that sense of exploration for people that always wanted to find every little nook and cranny that developers created when making the game.

The enemies and dynamic difficulty level with friends, made the replay value of this game even better. When you have characters named Nine-Toes, and they note the fact that he also has 3 balls, you automatically know that this is going to be a game that you are going to play for a long time. The enemies that you fight around Pandora were some of the weirdest and kookiest types that you might have ever come across in a game. Enemies like, midget bandits, skags, and even some of the bosses. The final boss battle will have you saying “am I really fighting a….” The game does not take a step back, but plunges into the unknown world of creativity.

DLC was huge in the first game and although, I myself am a single game core player and never really purchase DLC packs, with Borderlands I had to make an exception. The benefits of having it were too enticing as opposed to the repercussions of not having it. I know you might be thinking as you read the article, “Man, why is this guy gushing about such an old game?” I have to ask you this question, “The last time you played a game that you beat just to see what it was like, how long was it before you put it back into the backlog section of your collection?” Think about it, the answer might surprise you.

Finally, I have to say I must have been working too hard and long, to forget just how awesome this title was. Even though the game had its issues with certain aspects of game-play, and online connectivity with friends, this was still a wickedly adventurous game. When Borderlands 2 is released, if it is every bit as unique and innovative as the original, I can assure you that you will be playing it for a very extensive period. Are you ready for Pandemonium? If so, mark your calendars because September 18 is only one week away!

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