We Are Family
by Brittanyf on September 22, 2012 at 02:00 PM EST

There are so many benefits of having family around, you get to enjoy them. You get support from them, they help you out when nothing is going right. Beyond that, our family can be a very important part if you or your children get sick.

Knowing your family health history can and sometimes will help doctors to determine what is wrong with you or your family quicker. It’s important for me to know that my family has a history of breast cancer. Knowing this, I have to get checked for breast cancer before the age of 40. Sometimes we don’t like to face the facts of going to the doctor. I know I hate it, but it’s important.

Your children, when of age, should know about their family. A friend of mine has Crohn’s disease, and she is very young. Because of the disease, she knows about her family health history. It only helped the doctors figure out what was wrong with her as she was sick.  A history of diabetes or high blood pressure is important for them to know. We are family, and we should know all about them.

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