Astro A50 Wireless Headset Review
by Alfredo on October 5, 2012 at 02:08 PM EST

astro A50
Astro Gaming
Compatiblity: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Price: $299
Release Date: Out Now

Astro Gaming is undoubtedly one of the best brands when it comes to audio equipment in the gaming industry, and after being bought by Skullcandy, things could only get better for Astro Gaming equipment. The new Astro A50 wireless headset by Astro Gaming is, without question, one of the best gaming headsets you could find in today’s market for numerous reasons.

The Astro A50 Wireless Headset is easy to use, and its audio output is high-quality. The A50 headset is extremely comfortable, light-weight, and has a beautiful sleek look. The A50’s battery life runs between 8-10 hours and charges with a USB mini-B cable. The stand for the headset gives you a safe place to store the headset, and even has grip on the bottom of the stand so it won’t slip along with your headset.

The wireless connection between the headset and the transmitter is nearly perfect; throughout the whole time I used the A50 headset, I never got static noises or anything odd noises. The new A50 headset lets you hear as much detail as the creators of the game intended to be heard. Whether it is heavy footsteps, or the sound of a boxer’s glove striking someone’s face, you will hear it.

3 Different EQ Modes
The A50 headset has three different EQ modes (Media, Horror, and Pro). Gamers can easily switch between EQ modes during gameplay without any disturbance.

+Media Mode
Media Mode is great for music and movies stored on your console or PC. The Mix Amp TX Transmitter and EQ modes make it so that you hear everything from the vocals to the sound of every key, string, and backup voice with clarity.

The extra bass suits action movies very well. Without hurting your ears, you could enjoy movies like Fast Five, hearing the power of Dominic’s Charger, explosions off speeding trains, and that heavy vault smashing through the streets of Rio.

+Horror Mode
Horror Mode keeps a great balance between bass and treble, making the game great with games like Dead Space, Dead Island, and even Fight Night Champion.

Experimenting with Fight Night Champion on Horror Mode, I noticed a great balance between screaming fans in the background, and the heavy hits to the face and body. The slow motion replay view lets gamers take a listen to the crunching hits and snapshots from photographers as the fighter falls to the canvas.

+Pro Mode
Pro Mode is perfect for any shooter game. Pro Mode has less bass, making it easier to hear everything from heavy boots charging through cement and water puddles, to the heavy guns shots of your rifle.

I had to try Pro Mode using Borderlands 2 because it’s a game filled with detailed sounds. As I walked around the ‘Sanctuary’ in Borderlands 2, I was able to hear every puddle, and hit my boots took to the pavement. Everything sounded so natural, with clarity. Driving around in my vehicle I could hear the aged motor pushing me around to my destinations.

Online Chat
Chatting online couldn’t get any easier. I can balance the sound between my online friends and the game using the Game/Voice Balance button, making it so that I could hear one over the other. Balancing game and voice volume is convenient for both me and friends because that way, I don’t have anyone bugging me about my TV being on too loud in the background. The best part is how you mute. Instead of having to switch a button from On and Off, all you have to do is flip the microphone up.

Cool Features
The Astro A50 headset can be used by just about anyone, as long as whatever the device can can connect to the Mix Amp TX Transmitter with a 3.5mm (1/8”) audio cable that’s compatible. This means the Astro A50’s work with just about any TV, MP3, radio, Walkman—Yes, I said Walkman—etc.

Most TVs today have an optical port that enhances the audio quality. Connecting that optical cable will let you use the Dolby feature which enhances the audio quality on your headset. By connecting your transmitter to your TV, gamers can enjoy high quality audio using any console—this includes Super Nintendo, older versions of the PlayStation, you name it!

The fact that you could connect the MIX TX Transmitter to music devices is incredible, because aside from getting a gaming headset, I’m also getting high quality headphones that let me enjoy music with the same—if not better-quality as the most popular headphones in today’s market.

The A50 headset is well built. This doesn’t mean you should toss them out of a 3 story building, but they definitely shouldn’t break that easily from putting them on so many times. I’ve had headphones where after stretching the head frame so many times, it broke. That should never happen with a good pair of headphones, or a good headset; thankfully Astro Gaming took that issue into consideration when then created the Astro A50 headset.

Overall Impression
The A50 headset by Astro Gaming is flexible, has an excellent battery life, and is compatible with almost anything, most importantly, the audio quality is what I would expect out of any headset priced at $299. I love how I was able to enjoy movies, music, and video games with the highest audio quality through this headset. I would recommend this headset to anyone that is looking for a headset that’s easy to use, durable, and will enhance your gaming, music, and video’s audio experience. To get your Astro A50 Headset, check out

Final Score:

I give the Astro A50 headset a ten out of ten.

Product Features:

  • 5.8GHZ Wireless Technology- Operates at a higher frequency than most wireless devices and provides clarity and range with less interference.
  • Astro MixAmp- Gives you the power to balance between game-to-voice volume, and master volume control.
  • Dolby Digital 7.1- Allows you to hear every gunshot, reload, and footstep; giving you the upper hand on any surprise attacks.
  • Multi-System Compatibility- Whether your gaming happens with an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, or even a mobile platform, Astro has you covered.

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    Thanks for the review! This definitely got my pumped to start saving up for a pair of A50’s

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