Domestic Violence/Breast Cancer Awareness Month
by Brittanyf on October 6, 2012 at 02:00 PM EST

With October being breast cancer awareness month and domestic violence awareness month, it’s important to talk to your kids about it. Each person has their own way of teaching their kids things. I was talking to a mother who explained breast cancer to her son after the Monday Night Football game when the NFL switched to pink gear for the month of October. That was the perfect opportunity, then the next day at school, he found out that one of his teachers was a breast cancer survivor after he saw her ribbon.

Domestic Violence is another big issue. One out of every three women will be a victim of domestic violence. The age range for injuries from domestic violence hurts my heart. Most injuries between the age of 15 and 44 are from domestic violence. One in five teenage girls, who are in a relationship, has been threatened with violence if they breakup with the boyfriend. Those numbers killed me on the inside. I was very sheltered growing up, and didn’t know about this until I was older. Parents, we have to teach our children how to treat each other and respect each other.

Inform your children this October about breast cancer and domestic violence. Have a wonderful weekend gamers.



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