Editor Of The Year Award 2012 Alfredo Lopez
by Antwand Pearman on November 28, 2012 at 01:34 AM EST

Gamer Fit Nation Editor Of The Year Award 2012

Congratulations Alfredo Lopez as Gamer Fit Nation’s 2012 Editor Of The Year!

Editor Of The Year

We here at Gamer Fit Nation are pleased to announce that our very own Alfredo Lopez is our 2012 Editor of the year. He is awesome and we love him. When you see much of the work that goes into the site it is because our Editor works very hard at it. He is a pleasure to work with and no matter what happens, he also gives off a positive attitude to all of the staff when we work with him. We wanted to express our deepest gratitude for all that he has done and we wish him the very best 2011. Congratulations Alfredo Lopez our GFN Editor of the year!

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  • Player69

    Have a happy 2011 ???

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