Happy Wars Review (XBLA)
by ZackC on November 6, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
Happy Wars
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Toylogic Inc.
Console: Xbox Live Arcade
Other Platforms: none
Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena
Price: FREE

Happy Wars is a fun multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with a fun graphics style. This free to play game, brings players together into a war zone that’s a funny environment. It’s a very simple concept for a game but Happy Wars does it well. The game is able to keep the game different each time, simply with the sheer volume of people who can join in. This is a great game that should be around for a while, because its able to be replayed, it’s simple, and fun.

Happy Wars is a game that pits two armies of up to fifteen players against each other in a medieval style arena. The objective is to take down the other teams statue inside of their castle. To do this, the team has to get into the castle, which is guarded by a gate.  To begin playing, players must choose from three classes; warrior, mage, and cleric. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages. The warrior has a lot of health and does a fair bit of damage, while the mage is a ranged fighter who can deal with a lot of damage. The cleric is the support character; he can heal anyone, as well as bring in siege material to take down the castle gate and defend his own castle. Each class gains abilities as they level up during game play. These abilities range from stronger melee attacks, to buffs for your teammates.

The look of the game can only be described as fun. The characters are small with large heads and wield huge weapons. The colors that the game uses are bright and vibrant. The environment is also not what one would call realistic; but its cell shaded, and fun.

The online multiplayer is the heart and soul of this game. Bringing together up to thirty people to battle it out, is immense fun. There can be so much going on that there is always something for a player to do. It can range from attacking the opposing keep, or trying to take over an enemies spawn point. The large-scale aspect of the game keeps the game different every time. The one thing that I noticed while playing was that the balance was really nice, and there was a good mix of each class in the action. In a MOBA, if one class is much better than the other, the game will no longer be fun to play. Happy Wars does not have this problem.

The single player is a campaign where there is a story, however, it is just the player with computer allies going against the computer. The missions are very simple and are basically just a primer for the multiplayer. While this can be a fun reprieve from the multiplayer, not all the single player missions are unlocked from the start. The second mission is locked until the player reaches level five through the multiplayer. While this encourages players to play the multiplayer, it can be frustrating if you first jump into the game and want to get a better grasp of the game before playing online.

Unlocking items in the game happens in several ways. The player can unlock them by playing the single player, spinning a wheel of chance, or playing a card game to get new stuff. The wheel and card games cost special tokens to play, which can be purchased with cash. This is a free game and Toylogic (the developer) needs to make money somehow. This micro transaction system allows for some players to get better items, but better gear only takes a player so far.

I did find one fault with the game and that was the occasional connection issue. It may have just been the day, but I could not for the life of me find a match. I am hoping that this has been resolved, but it did occur. When I wasn’t having the connection issues, I was able to hop into a game very quickly.

I personally played as the warrior; he is a simple character with a range of abilities. After a short while, I felt like I was no longer a liability to my team, but I felt like I hadn’t even scratched the surface of the game.

Final Thoughts:

Happy Wars is a complete game with lots of depth.  The graphics of the game are fun and the classes are well balanced. Aside from the match finding issues I had once, it is a fun game that I will be playing lots.


  • Free to play
  • Fun graphics
  • Lots of replay ability


  • Connection issues occasionally
  • Single player is no different from the multiplayer

Final Score:

Happy Wars gets an 8 out of 10.

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