Nike Plus Kinect Training Review (Xbox 360)
by Taji Morris on November 17, 2012 at 02:45 PM EST

Nike+ Kinect Training Review

This game will get you Gamer Fit

Nike Plus Kinect Review

Nike+ Kinect Training 
PublisherMicrosoft Studios
Developer: Sumo Digital Ltd
Platform: Xbox 360 Kinect
Release date:  October 30, 2012
Genre: Fitness
Price: $49.99 

Nike+ Kinect Training Review

In this Nike Plus Kinect Training review I’ll let you know if the game makes the cut. Nike+ Kinect Training will turn your Xbox Kinect into a personal training machine.  Nike Master trainers Alex Molden and Marie Purvis join Microsoft to give you first-class personal training at home.  Using Nike Sport science and the Kinect camera, trainers are able to monitor your range of motion, test your endurance and keep track of your progress.  Nike+ Kinect Training assess your overall fitness every four weeks to illustrate your improvements over time and you can stay connected on Nike+ and Xbox LIVE communities.


Nike+ Kinect Training uses the Xbox Kinect system to fully integrate your body into the game.  Body gestures and voice commands can be used to control every part of the of the experience.  Having proper form is always important when exercising, and Kinect technology will provide real-time feedback to make sure you’re doing movements correctly.


Nike Master Trainers Alex Molden and Marie Purvis are available to guide you through your personalized workout with hands-on training.  Both trainers work with the world’s top athletes at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. and now they bring their expertise to you.  At the start of your program you’ll be asked to enter your gender, weight, height and age so that hey can give you the most accurate evaluation possible.  This happens once, at the start of your Nike+ Kinect Training program, and after your initial evaluation, the trainers are able to generate a personalized regimen based on your goals, body, and schedule.


You’ll want to make sure that your wearing the proper workout attire when you step in front of your trainer, they’ll expect you to go as hard as you can.  After your assessment, you’ll be put through the Fitness Challenge to benchmark your current physical ability.  You’ll be asked to take the challenge every four weeks to measure your progress.  The Fitness Challenge measures several factors in two categories to determine where you’re at:


  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Endurance


  • Power
  • Speed, Reaction, Agility
  • Balance

You’ll be asked to select one of three fitness goals – Get Strong, Get Lean, or Get Toned.  Each goal will create a program with a mixture of drills, but your personal fitness objectives will decide the ratio of drills prescribed for you.


Nike+ Kinect Training uses over 100 drills to create workouts.  These workouts highlight strength, cardio, and dynamic flexibility and are 100% custom to your unique fitness needs and goals.  Some drills enough space for quick movements, while others may require light weights to increase difficulty.  All of the programs are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.  You select how many sessions per week and which specific days you want to work out.  Nike+ Kinect Training will generate a calendar to keep you on track, and if you miss a day, the calendar will adapt by moving your workout to the next available day.  You’ll have the option of engaging in a personalized program lasting 30-40 mins long, a quick start session lasting 15 mins to and hour, or a speedy 5 minute session when you don’t have much time.  Best part, each time you work out you will see the estimated number of calories you burned.



Keep a close eye on your development as you train with Nike+ Kinect Training.  Your workout will dynamically change to keep things fresh and challenging.  You’ll notice added time to your sessions, and additional reps as the weeks increase.  After completing a four week program, you’ll have the opportunity to advance to a more challenging set of drills that will push you towards your full potential.


Nike+ Kinect Training allows you to work out with friends through Xbox LIVE, using video chat.  You’re able to see your friends on the screen and chat with them using your voice – no headset necessary.  You can also track your challenges along with others on leader boards and get credit for the points (Fuel) you earn during your sessions.  Take on the world and go global by participating in 60-second drill challenges simultaneously with others over the world.  In the end, you can see how you rank up against the rest of the world on global leader boards.  These challenges run 24/7 so you can compete at any time.

A free Nike+ Kinect Training mobile app will be available for Windows Phones and iOS, allowing you to stay connect and motivated at all times.  No matter where you are, you can track your progress, results, achievements and more!


As a former Division 1-A athlete, I am here to tell you that Nike+ Kinect Training does in fact turn your Xbox Kinect into a personal fitness machine.  And, with the help of Master Trainers Alex Molden and Marie Purvis, your room, apt, or home will be transformed into a personal fitness studio.  I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with the professionalism of the game.  As a fitness game it approaches it’s players as a true trainer would.  Making a unique assessment of where an individual is BEFORE they begin to workout is something that most fitness games have failed to do, and something that ALL well trained personal trainers make sure they do.  The Kinect voice controls work extremely well, and verbally communicating with your game and trainers is a very satisfying experience.  The integration of video chat while you work out, gives players no excuse to not stay motivated and build a consistent workout plan.  In order to get the most out of this title, you’ll need plenty of space to move around.  At least eight to ten feet of space between you and the Kinect sensor is needed to get the best results.  I give Nike+ Kinect Trainng 8.5 stars out of 10, for being the first step in a revolutionary direction for fitness and gaming.

Final Score 8.5

Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit 

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