Quick Time Events
by ZackC on November 29, 2012 at 01:00 PM EST

While many things have changed through the development of video games, one thing that has stayed the same is the quick time event.  When they were first introduced, it was as whole games. Now, they are included as ways to keep change to the game play a little, or fight a boss.  Using quick time events as a way to change the game play is being used in Assassins Creed 3, while the boss quick time events are most recognized from God of War.  While gaming has evolved, the quick time event has not changed.

A quick time event is basically an event that checks reaction time.  Normally, buttons or directions will appear on the screen and the player needs to hit the corresponding direction in a limited amount of time or there will be a penalty.  The penalty is typically a loss of health, or something comparable to that.  The idea is that these events test if the player is paying attention to the game.

In arcades, the quick time event is utilized a lot simply because players are typically not ready for it.  This means that the player has to put in more quarters to play.  The most memorable arcade quick time event is during action games where the player has to mash a single button to get out of a hold.  Arcade events normally give a shorter amount of time to complete the action because they are out for your money.  These sorts of events are much more of a challenge than the console events, because consoles try and make the game available to all players, while arcade games don’t have to worry about that.

Console quick time events break down into two major categories; gameplay and boss battles. Game play quick time events happen during regular game play and could potentially happen at any point during the game. An example of these types of events would be during hunting in Assassins Creed 3 (AC3). During AC3 you go out hunting, and if a predator type animal, such as a wolf or a mountain lion detects you, the player has to tap several buttons to deal with the animal.

The boss battles are most recognizable from the God of War series.  During those fights, the player has to complete several different quick time events before they can beat the boss. Most of the time, the boss quick time events last longer than game play events would. 

These quick time events have not changed much from the original arcade events of mashing buttons.  The events all require the player to be quick and react fast.  I hope that these events don’t change because it does change the game play, and makes this variety makes most games fun.

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