The Best Thanksgiving Break Ever
by Brittanyf on November 17, 2012 at 02:00 PM EST

With Thanksgiving break approaching, and kids home for the week, its time to have a little,  no a lot of, fun. With a little bit of planning, and searching for things around the house, you can set your kids up for one of the BEST Thanksgiving break ever.

I learned of this idea from a mother who has five children. She didn’t want her kids to sit at home and watch TV during their whole break. She set up games, task, and treasure hunts around the house. I loved her minute to win it night. After she got home and they ate dinner, she made a home version of minute to win it. Simple task like the pulling all the tissues out of the box in a minute, and picking up pasta with a piece of spaghetti pasta. She even took it a tad bit further, since she worked during the day, the kids had assignments to do. Points were giving for winning games, doing task, and completing assignments. I don’t remember what her prize was, but I know I wish my mother would have done this when I was a kids. Although it might not have been as fun since I am an only child.

It takes time to plan, but why not keep your kids thinking and moving on this school break. While keeping them moving, remember to teach them about portion control since Thanksgiving is one holiday where Americans consume the most food. It can be very hard with all of the thanksgiving trimmings, cakes and pies, turkeys and hams, sitting on the dinner table.

Have fun with them this Thanksgiving break and have a wonderful weekend gamers!

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