Getting a Girl into Gaming
by ZackC on December 20, 2012 at 03:39 PM EST

girl gamerThe holiday season is a time of celebration, and a time for family.  During this time guys will try and get their girlfriends into gaming.  Getting a girl into gaming may be the hardest thing that any gamer guy will face.  Many girls want some sort of attachment; so choosing a game that has a good story will create that attachment.  Another way to create attachment is by having customization.  The final thing that will bring a girl into gaming would be a pretty game, if you have a bad looking game then why would any one, let alone a new gamer, want to play the game?

Gamer guys want to have some one to play with.  If they have a girlfriend then you have a co-op partner right there.  But maybe that girl doesn’t play video games, how can you bring that girl into the game ? The first game that a person should use to introduce a girl should be a game with a good story.  A good story will make any person want to resolve the game. Batman Arkham City

From speaking with several girls as to what they like in certain games, they all responded by saying they got invested into a character or a story.  This makes the obvious conclusion that the first thing is to create a connection between the girl and the game.  A good story would be something like Batman Arkham City, or Saints Row.  These stories are simple, yet have a distinct start and finish, this means that the story is simple to understand.Saints row the third

Since we are focusing on creating an attachment between the girl and the game, the next thing that the first game should include is some sort of customization. This would be something like the customization of Skyrim, or Saints Row the Third. In both of these games you give your character the face and the body that you want.  By allowing a person to create any character they want, they can create an attachment to that character.

The last thing that a game should include when showing it to a new gamer would be good graphics. If the game doesn’t look good to a regular gamer, then it won’t good to someone who is just starting to play games.  Portal 2 would be a good game, along with a heavily modded version of Skyrim.  If you have a computer that can handle the requirements of running a heavily modded Skyrim, that would be the game I would recommend above all else, as it may be the best looking game of all time. elder-scrolls-skyrim-V-dragon-1024x576

To successfully bring a girl into gaming, you need to show her games that will create an attachment to that game. Games with good stories may make her want to keep playing the game to find out what happens.  You also should have a customization feature gets the player attached to the character that they are playing. Finally, the game should have good graphics so as to show that games can look really good.

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  • youaresodumb

    Saints row the third for a game that has a good story? WTF are you smoking?

  • Darren Lawson

    That vibe emulator on XBOX also works and is cheap at 80ms points.

  • Lacey ThePower Botsford

    Is this a joke?

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