Healthy Holiday
by Brittanyf on December 8, 2012 at 02:00 PM EST

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we often shop till we drop and then run by our favorite fast food restaurant. But this holiday, a little planning can save you some money and a few extra pounds.

The kids will be out of school as well, so why not have healthy snacks around the house for them. Keep them moving with a new video game. Go ahead and let them open one game early so they can have some fun. I have been seeing so many cute Elf ideas on Pinterest and Facebook. One mom let the Elf bring the kids a gift and it was a video game. I thought it was perfect. All four of her kids could play it together. It gave them something to do and kept them off of the couch.

You can have that cheat day, but please don’t have two weeks of cheat days. Plan, plan, plan. I know you all get tired of hearing me talk about planning, but it really works. Saves money, saves time, and can save some of those Holiday pounds from adding to your waistline. Here in the South, we have been having a lot of warm days. So, we are still enjoying the parks and playing outside. Make the most of the weather, and have a wonderful Holiday season.


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  • Eric Hoff

    I love that candy cane. Did you guys make that one? Good article

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