Gamers Day Of Cease Fire Dec 21st 2012
by Antwand Pearman on December 15, 2012 at 09:54 AM EST

GamerFitNation Inc Request A Gamers Day Of Cease Fire Dec 21st 2012

Join Us In a show of support for the victim of The Sandy hook Elementary School Shooting


Join us on FaceBook and show support: CEASE FIRE

GamerFitNation Inc’s CEO Antwand Pearman is calling for a “DAY OF CEASE FIRE” on all online shooters on Friday, December 21st, 2012. We ask for Gamers to show their support for the families of those who lost there lives in the tragedy that took place in a Connecticut’s Sandy Hook elementary school Friday, December 14, 2012. Post on this Event Page that you will “Cease Fire” For the day. Where 26 people were shot dead, 20 of which were young children. We are not asking for money, if you feel the need to don ate I’m sure there are places that will be made available for you.

We are simply making a statement that we as Gamers are not going to sit back and ignore the lives that were lost. Instead we will embrace the families with our love and support. So if you are an owner of a website I ask that you post to your readers that you will join us in our “DAY OF CEASE FIRE FOR ONLINE SHOOTERS” I ask you all to please share and I thank you for reading. This starts Thursday night, Friday morning at 12am and will in Friday night, Saturday morning at 12am.

Hoister Your Weapons #OSCEASEFIRE

If you are online at the time change your comment window to “OSCeaseFire” If you are on a social network used the hashtag #OSCeaseFire. If you see people participating on the Dec 21st, post pictures on this page. Comment on this event page to let us know you’ll “Cease Fire” on the 21st.

Thank You For Your Support-CEO Antwand Pearman

Please use the Hashtag #OSCeaseFire 

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