An Early look at Red Bull Crashed Ice (Kinect)
by Taji Morris on December 5, 2012 at 02:26 PM EST

Red Bull Crashed Ice (Kinect)

Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Bongfish
Console: Xbox 360 Kinect
Genre: Racing, Flying, Extreme Sports 
Release: November 30th, 2012 
Price: 400 MP, $5

Gamer Fit Nation had to chance to get an early look at Kinect’s new XBLA title, Red Bull Crashed Ice. If you’re not familiar with Red Bull’s Crashed Ice event, GET FAMILIAR!  This relatively new “extreme sport” involves competitors racing down a huge man made ice track at high speeds, all while jumping, bumping, twisting and turning thier way to be first across the finish line.  Now, you can join in the action and compete in you’re living room, on the XBox Kinect.  This game is fast and fun, and if you’re looking scratch that extreme sport itch, this game will not disappoint.

 What I liked most about Red Bull Crashed Ice for the Kinect, was the game’s responsiveness.  Players swing their arms to mimic the skating movements of their onscreen avatar.  The faster players move their arms, the faster their avatar moves down the track.  Leaning left and right will steer your avatar and you are able to jump as well as do tricks while in the air.  The development team at Bongfish seemed to do a solid job of making sure that when you move so does your on screen counterpart, and rewards you for committing to the movements.

Competition can be healthy and this game WILL make you sweat when you compete.  You can go head-to-head, side by side with a friend or you can compete with players all over the country and chase their ‘ghost’ for a shot at the fastest time.  Then, customize your entire avatar to set yourself apart as you climb the charts.

Red Bull Crashed Ice for the XBox Kinect was released November 30th, and is a XBLA exclusive.  It’s priced at 400 MP ($5), and with a Hockey season non-exsistant this year, this may be your best chance at hitting the ice!


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