Sports Champions 2 (A Sporty Game For All) Review PlayStation 3
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on December 7, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
Sports Champions 2
Sports Champions 2  
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment 
Developer: Zindagi Games and Sony San Diego Studio
Console: PS3
Other Platforms: None
Genre: Sports/Fitness 
Release: October 30th
Price: $39.99

On deck today we have the sequel to the one of the best PlayStation Move titles, Sports Champions 2. Many of you who own a move controller might have this title and if you don’t, you may want to give this game a chance at the very least. It is a game that you can play with family and friends and play until the calories go home. If your curious about this title, read our review to see what we think. Enjoy!

Sports Champions 2 is the sequel to the very well received PlayStation Move title that gave gamers a reason to pick up their move controllers and burn some calories. It is back again with pretty much the same graphics and more accessibility that will allow for ease of transition from Sports Champion one to Sports Champions 2. There are a bunch of games to play like tennis, bowling, skiing and golf to name a few. These games can be played by yourself or with a friend. It would do well to remember however, if you wish to play the multiplayer portion of this game, be sure that you have ample room for both you and your friend.

The games are easy to jump into to, when you play by yourself. Each activity has three levels of challenges before you can become the master of that particular game. After a certain period of time doing time challenges, score challenges, or beating an opponent. You unlock new items for your character that you can use to customize him or her to your liking. It’s a fun new feature that allows you to make your character an extension of yourself. Although, the games in Sports Champions 2 are fun to play I couldn’t help but feel as though after awhile of smacking a virtual tennis ball back and forth, it became repetitive.

Most mini-games are not like this but, it honestly was noticeable after a long play session. Where this game excels is in the party mode which although it requires ample room to play. You can have a great rigorous match with your friends and burn off all of those excess calories  from the holidays. What makes that happen is through the ease of the gameplay. This is an extremely easy game to pick up and play. All the games will have an explanation before you play to train you beforehand. Its simple and makes everything run really smooth afterwards.

Although the game has a party mode for local players, I couldn’t help but feel that this game would have been better served with an online multiplayer mode whether it was playing a select few mini-games online. This could have lead into some really competitive multiplayer matches or enjoyment. Playing locally is a blast although you will have find ways not to ram into one another when the game gets more intense. The game graphics really don’t seem to be much of an improvement over its predecessor besides a few cosmetic changes to levels and characters.


  • Great new games like boxing and golf really make this a unique title.
  • Extremely easy to pick up and play for beginners and veterans of previous title.


  • Needs lots of space for Multiplayer games
  • Graphically looks the same
  • Some games become tedious after awhile
  • Lack of online multiplayer

Final Thoughts:

Sports Champions 2 is a worthy successor to the first game. Its pick up and play ability right from the beginning allows you to enter a world where you will be able to immerse  yourself and build up a sweat. New features such as unlocks for your characters to customize them to your liking is a welcomed feature to this title. Although this is a fun title to pick up and play, the game does fall short in a few areas which are caused by technical issues and space issues. Its a fun game by all means when playing with family and friends, just make sure you have a wide area and are in range of the camera to play it correctly and efficiently.

Final Score:

Sports Champions 2 gets a 7 out of 10!

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