PepCom At CES 2013 HP Interview New 27 Inch Beats Envy Screen Looks Great For PC Gaming
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on January 19, 2013 at 04:03 PM EST


CES 2013 is home to all of the latest and greatest technology events in a week’s time frame. Events ranging from stellar concerts, competing conventions, as well as the big shebang the International CES. While at Pepcom during CES 2013, I ran into Pete from HP who inadvertently held me hostage in my own interview, because he is frankly a gamer who wanted to let all of the PC gamers out there know how awesome this HP Envy screen looks while playing games like Far Cry 3. He almost had me retire my interviewer credentials after this one. It was a great time and honestly what you see before you with this screen here and the vivid,vibrant colors being shown to you, does not do the product justice. The screen’s colors look wonderful and there is no glare from sunlight or other visual aliments that you can expect to see from other monitors.

The design is also great as well. The curve of the screen at the bottom really allows you to have the audio come up and smack you right in the face. The benefit of having beats is that you know this is going to be a high quality sounding monitor as most beats products are known for their good quality. That’s enough of my rambling on, check out the interview posted after the jump and see how much of a boss Pete was!

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    I’ve got a HP computer and this monitor looks awesome for PC gaming. I might just get one!

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