PepCom At CES 2013 YurBuds Interview:The Earbuds That Won’t Come Out
by Antwand Pearman on January 16, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST


CES 2013 is over and done with but, we are back to provide you all with a ton of great interviews and information that we retrieved at the event. At CES 2013 we were able to interview Daniel from Yurbuds. Yurbuds is a ear bud making company that produces sport headphones that are perfect for working out whether you are benching, running, or doing a high intensity workout. If you ever needed headphones that won’t fall out when you are doing that last set or sprint. Yurbuds are the perfect fit for you.

Daniel shows us the newest edition to the Yurbuds headphone line. This new iteration features noise isolation as well as ambient aware options that provide for better sound quality while you are working out and getting that last minute workout in. Yurbuds is a great headphone making company and one that you should really put on your radar. If you ever had any worries about your headphones falling out or becoming loose when you are trying to break a personal record or best time, you shall have nothing to fear with Yurbuds. Check out the video posted below for your viewing pleasure!

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