CES 2013 Interview Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Trash Talk One Another
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on January 20, 2013 at 10:00 AM EST

CES 2013 Tomb Raider

CES 2013 is not all about the latest in high tech gadgets or new health technology. It is also about some of the hottest and latest games coming out. There was one Square Enix title that was on hand and no, it wasn’t Final Fantasy XIII Lighting Returns or Versus. It was a game that many gamers remember from the PlayStation one generation and that is Tomb Raider. At CES 2013 Blackbible and myself got a chance to play a couple multiplayer matches against the developers. This was just announced to the public so we didn’t have time to prepare. You might have thought that we lost,  but we showed the developers a thing or two that might want them to take a controller back to the studio after the butt whooping we gave them. All kidding aside though, we had a great time playing the game. It wasn’t all fun and games however, there was still some work to be done. After allowing the developers to get a rematch and splitting us up on different teams to make it more fair, we held a joint interview where we learned some startling information.

In case you didn’t know Tomb Raider is being developed mainly by Crystal Dynamics which is putting their main focus into the single player experience. Another team is working on the muliplayer experience and that is Eidos Montreal. We got the chance to ask the developers some really hard hitting questions and find out whether or not this is just a tacked on multiplayer or a full fledged online mode that you are definitely going to want to play when the game releases in March. I can honestly say even though I saw  the latest and greatest in futuristic technology from huge companies like Sony, Panosonic, and Razer. Tomb Raider was one of the great experiences that I had at CES 2013.

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