Hopes For This New Year in Gaming
by ZackC on January 3, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

 Gaming in 2013

There are a few things that I hope will happen in this coming year. Indie games should be marketed all year round, I hope that Call Of Duty only comes out with one game, and if the new consoles come out, I hope that they don’t have motion technology as the core control mechanism. Unfortunately all of those things will probably happen, because the industry is going to keep doing what generates money, as well as try to get a wider audience base.

Indie games are some of the best games to play. They are created by a small group of people, who have complete control of the development. Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes created Super Meat Boy, the platforming indie classic. The Binding of Isaac, a PC game also created by Edmund McMillen, is expected to come to the consoles. But it is games like Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac that most consoles gamers don’t know about unless they are advertised by Microsoft or Sony. The only time that Microsoft or Sony will advertise indie games is during the Summer of Arcade or PSN Play. During these periods, games that most people would never encounter are on sale and advertised extensively. If Microsoft and Sony advertised indie games, more people would discover these hidden gems. Super Meat Boy

Call of Duty is such a big franchise that they are able to pump out two games a year. Next year I would like to see something different from Treyarch, the Black Ops 2 developer. For the past several years, Treyarch has continuously put out a Call of Duty game without fail. With this experience Treyarch should create another game. I wouldn’t mind if it were during a different war, but something that’s not under the typical Call of Duty umbrella. I simply want a game that is not focused so completely on the multiplayer experience. Yes there should be games that have multiplayer as the spotlight, but then why bother putting in a story to that game? If a developer is going to put the time into creating a decent story, then lets highlight the story not only the multiplayer aspect.


Lastly, if the next generations of consoles come out, I really hope that motion sensors are not the main control function. The motion controls of the current systems are not yet refined enough to be able to play games such as Halo, Call of Duty, or any racing game for that matter. Until gamers have the control of games like they had in the movie Gamer, then controllers are still necessary. In Gamer, the player needs an entire room to control the “game”.  Until we have that level of control, it will not be possible to play a game as complex as the first person shooter games that are out now. Kinect_Sensor

I wish that all of those things could happen, but sadly I don’t think much will change. Indie games will still be advertised during the summer when a lot of people are playing on their consoles. Treyarch will pump out another Call of Duty game, which is just another way of putting out more multiplayer content.    Motion control will probably be the main form of control in the next generation of consoles if they come out, because it will make the consoles more open to the family. That is the problem with this list of wishes; they go against the grain that is the gaming industry. The industry is moved by money and the desire to bring in a wider audience. All of the things on this list are aimed at trying something new, and are not future customer-oriented, and for this reason, they will not happen. Happy New Year everybody, where nothing will change.

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