Vizio Interview With Tim At CES 2013 on Newest Technology and Laptops
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on January 22, 2013 at 10:26 AM EST

CES 2013 Vizio

I am a huge fan of computers in case you didn’t notice with the glasses and astounding knowledge that I have for tech. While at CES 2013, we had an interview with Vizio for a look at the newest and latest laptops and desktops coming from the company. As I talked with Tim from Vizio, I learned much about the benefits that Windows 8 has provided for their devices and saw how the new sleek and aerodynamic designs that they have crafted are making their laptops even better than they have been in the past years.

In this interview with Tim, we take a look at their new laptops which are equipped with both AMD and Intel technology. We get a run down of how simple Windows 8 makes it to navigate the home screen through the use of the touchscreen. The touchscreen is a highlight on the laptops as it makes navigation and typing much more easier than you would expect it would be. Enough my spoiling! Enjoy!

Check out the interview posted below!

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