5 Next Generation Games That Haven’t Been Announced Yet
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 25, 2013 at 02:45 PM EST

The PlayStation 4 was recently announced and with it a change in the future of gaming. While we were all assuming that it would inevitable be revealed there was always one question in the back of my mind. What about the games that could be announced next generation? Read along as I write about five particular titles I believe are next gen titles that haven’t been announced yet.

Next Generation PlayStation 4

In case you haven’t heard, there have already been many next gen games that have been let out of the bag. The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Infamous: Second Son, and Diablo III have all been confirmed to be next gen titles. All are solely next generation titles with the exception of Diablo III and Destiny as both are releasing on current generation platforms as well. Now read below and see whether or not you agree if the following games have the possibility of releasing on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720.

Skylanders Swap Force

Recently, Activision announced a new Skylanders game titled Skylanders Swap Force. The game is releasing on current generation platforms. However, while at a recent Skylanders event. It was revealed that the title will feature “new next gen technology” as said by Joshua Taub vice president for Skylanders business. Skylanders has yet to be announced for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 systems. If we take into account what he says in the interview posted below, there are some inferences there. This might indicate that Skylanders Swap Force is coming to next gen consoles. It wouldn’t be a surprise to many at the very least. Skylanders is a huge brand for the company so bringing this to new platforms is simply a good business decision.

Think about it, playing a fun game with brand new graphics. I know many might not find this ideal from Activision but it looks like a great game. Especially for the children because that’s what this franchise is all about now.

Star Wars 1313

next generation

Last year at E3, we all heard about Stars Wars 1313. The game may be coming to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. What we still don’t know is whether or not this title is going to be released on any of the next generation consoles. I’m thinking that this title will release on next gen consoles with a focus being put on development for the Xbox 720. The game had a great trailer that accompanied it last time we saw it, but we haven’t really heard much about the title since then. I am speculating that we may find out more about the game when the game is announced for the Xbox 720 if that happens. That may very well happen sooner or later.

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark is a franchise that many people will be familiar with. The game originally launched on the Nintendo 64 and then its sequel launched later on the Xbox 360. Although Perfect Dark Zero wasn’t as good as its predecessor, it had some good points. I honestly think that a potential reboot of Joanna dark and her alien friend would be great for the industry. If they take the game in a new direction it can potential breath some new life into a franchise that has been pretty much died. The next generation of consoles are allowing for innovation and recreation of the standard conventions that we have been accustomed to. There has to be some risks taken for the reward that follows and Perfect Dark is that risk.

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  • http://twitter.com/stateside Jim McBride

    system exclusive games are a thing of yesterday. I believe that in order to be successful developers will have to make available for us all and besides the most successful gaming system is the PC anyway so why not start there

  • LZ

    Star Wars 1313 has been cancelled by Disney who just this week shut-down Lucas arts, who were making the game

    • gorge lucs

      that is true, but they are selling the ips for all the games lucas arts had. so someone can buy star wars 1313 and finish it, if any game gets purchased my money is on it being 1313 since it is like paying for someone to your essay for you and all you have to do is edit it. (already done, for the most part, the hard part is over) .

      so we will see it at some point probably just not as soon as we would like…purchases and contracts and all that crap take time so just purchasing the game will take time and then the touch ups and finish ups and then it would be available. so i am thinking minimum 1-1.5 years. IF it happens within the year, i am saying max 2-3 years. overall possible wait time 1-3 years.

  • goody3shoes

    I agree that system exclusive games severely limit the potential and profits for developers, but it is still widely prevalent. Uncharted, Halo, Little big planet, zelda, mario, i can go on and on…

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