Aliens Colonial Marines Review (PlayStation 3)
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 20, 2013 at 01:02 PM EDT
Aliens Colonial Marines
Aliens Colonial Marines
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Gearbox Software
Console  Reviewed: PlayStation 3
Other Platforms:  Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U
Release Date: February 12, 2013
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Price: $59.99, PC $49.99

Aliens Colonial Marines is a title that I had hoped was going to be great. When I saw it at earlier events, I was hopeful for the final product. This was not the case. Alien Colonial Marines suffers from choppy frame rates, loading textures, and glitches that can render the game unplayable at certain times. Read and watch our full review below to see whether or not Aliens Colonial Marines is a game you should at the very least check out.

Aliens Colonial Marines has players taking control of a group of marines through an abandoned ship called the USS Solaco. As you venture onward into the ship, you uncover the mystery of what has become of the crew. The only problem with this is that the story sound more interesting than it really is. Aliens Colonial Marines is not as bad as it sounds. I just feel that it insists upon itself. The game features characters that you may remember from the movie like Bishop and Hicks. While they are present, don’t expect that it will classify the game as an entertaining experience.

Aliens Colonial Marines has you fighting Michael Weyland, his corporation, as well as a ton of Aliens. Although the story is uninteresting early on it does get a little better as you progress. In the end when you defeat the Queen and finally reach Michael Weyland, the game ends in the same manner it began. Apparently you have been looking to capture Weyland the whole time only to find out that he was not the real Michael Weyland. Shortly after, somehow bishop is able to extract the data from the fake body to salvage the mission. It’s awkward in nature and logic which is a fitting end to this game.

Aliens colonial Marines is your generic first person shooter. One of its problems is that the game looks like it was crafted only as a multiplayer experience. You gain ranks as you kill marines and aliens throughout the campaign. This gives you experience points to rank up which is then be used to purchase upgrades for your marine or alien. Whatever you purchase for you marine will cross over into multiplayer so you need not worry about wasting time upgrading during single player.

Now this game has a lot of problems. One glaring issue to me was the fact that early on in the game; I came upon glitch after glitch. Some were minimal than others but some rendered levels unbeatable and unplayable. Doors would not open correctly; characters wouldn’t go through their predetermined animation. It also featured textures that required excessive loading after you entered a room to look somewhat decent visually. The frame rate is choppy as well which is extremely visible in cut scenes. The controls feel loose and uneasy. It’s as if you have only had half of the control of your character.

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