Do We Need Announcements for Announcements?
by ZackC on February 9, 2013 at 12:44 PM EST


The idea behind announcing something is that you get a lot of excitement going for something specific , be it a product or an idea. When it is announced that there is going to be an announcement about something, I find this akin to people talking just to hear their own voices.

Sony has produced a trailer simply showing that there is going to be a press conference on the 20th of February. The leading theory as to what is going to happen at this press conference is going to be the announcement of the PlayStation 4. Why does there need to be such a large announcement of another announcement? Couldn’t Sony have just said, “Hey, we are going to unveil our new system on the 20th?”

The reason that Sony is doing this big announcement is to draw people in; in essence, they are creating a hype machine. With this hype machine, they are probably hoping to retake the console market, which is currently won by the Xbox 360. With this first announcement, they are putting out the foreground that they have a product, and that they want to show the world what it is. But is it really necessary to announce the announcement at a press conference?sony 2-20-13 announcement

With a company as big as Sony, along with the popularity they have in the gaming industry, they could’ve simply said, “We are going to show off the next system,” and people would still watch it. The reason for this is because gaming news websites want to be the first to report something like that, and thus will always report stuff on the new systems that will be coming out at some point. No one really wants to watch some CEO talk about a new product; people want to be told a summary of what the new product is.

I think that the announcement is going to be interesting, but I won’t be watching it. It is just going to be like one of those Apple press conferences where they say, ‘hey look at what we made.’ I have no problem with that sort of style, but what I do have a problem with is the amount of hype leading up to the press conference. Because this is also the gaming industry, people are going to want a big show, and unless Sony has several new games to show off, then the show will be a flop. I feel like Sony has set themselves up for failure.

Because Sony has made an announcement about an upcoming announcement, the public has super high expectations. If Sony doesn’t blow us away with what they have to say at the press conference, then it could do more harm than good for their public image.

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  • mantas

    It’s called the element of surprise silly…trivial if you ask me. :)

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