Asymmetrical Gameplay and the WII U is Nintendo Onto Something Here?
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 24, 2013 at 09:00 AM EDT

Rayman Legends Wii U

Asymmetrical gameplay is probably nothing new. You know what is new though? The WII U! Nintendo’s new console, allows you to use a gamepad which is similar to a tablet like device in order to play games. You can play games on your TV or transfer it over to the pad so your spouse, family, or friends can use the TV while you game. The console has been available for the past couple of months so most have either bought it or are waiting for a price drop. At this point if you haven’t heard of the system you might be hiding under a rock. This is what we know about the Wii U currently; well let’s speculate on the new type of gameplay experience it is bringing to the table.

Now with most console lineups there is one thing that some hardcore gamers and gaming enthusiasts care about, the specs of the hardware. However, there is one thing that almost everyone cares about and that is the launch title games. First-party Nintendo titles have for the most part have always been there for Nintendo consoles, but Ubisoft has also been a big supporter of their new console with incorporating franchises like Rayman and Just Dance.

With new games and titles being announced and released throughout the year this brings about new questions. Will these games provide different gaming experiences? I would like to think so at least. When Rayman Legends was announced at E3 last year, they showed a trailer of some asymmetrical gameplay. Asymmetrical gameplay is not really new. This feature however did bring up some questions within the inner workings of my mind. Asymmetrical gameplay is great for some titles that Nintendo has in the works. The ability to have one person remain omniscient and in control of the destiny of others is a unique feature that the power hungry gamer can enjoy.

There are many games that can benefit from this type of gameplay. Imagine the possibility of creating two single player games in one that allow both the players different experiences at the same time. If you ever played Resident Evil 2 and beat the game with both Leon and Claire, you will notice that both of their campaigns did have substantial differences. What if we were to have games like that with the same story, one with the ability to play one side of the story on the Gamepad and another on the TV? It would culminate when both characters reach certain areas and thus have to share the same screen. At the end of said sequences each player would then be sent back to their respective screen.

zombiu Wii U

Lastly, I really think that the next generation of gameplay is going to be based on creating unique single player experiences and I think Nintendo and the Wii U are already starting with that. Sony just announced the PlayStation 4 and we already how they are in a way incorporating that with their cross video sharing feature via the share button. The Wii U gamepad allows people to be an all knowing entity and in a sense have their own unique experience apart from the co-op counterparts in games. Whether or not asymmetrical gameplay will take off next-gen will not be based solely on first party companies, but third party developers as well. Only time will tell if this comes into fruition. In any case I’m hopeful that more games incorporate this.

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