Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Has To Improve On These Aspects
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 23, 2013 at 08:21 AM EST

Castlevania Spoiler Notice: There are some spoilers to Castlevania Lords of Shadows part one please read at your own risk!


Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is almost upon us and if you haven’t played the first one you need to. This was one of my favorite games to play this generation. Now that part two is releasing later this year hopefully, I have become even more excited at the possibilities for improvements that they can make. You might be asking yourself, how they could improve on the game? Or maybe you are that one guy who does not give a damn. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I have to say.


If you have ever played God of war, then you will be familiar with Castlevania Lords of shadows’ combat. The game takes similar measures in way the brutality of the combat is performed. Enemies can be destroyed abusively and gorily. Even through the game’s combat was good there were still room for improvements. At times the game was really fun to play, but I felt that the combat could have been a little bit quicker and much more fluid. It didn’t feel like my actions on the controller were as responsive as the actions on the screen.

The combat of Castlevania Lords of Shadow could also be helped by the addition on new weapons. These weapons look like they have implemented if you take a look a closer look at the announcement trailer. This will help the game become a better technical game with players encouraged to master Gabriel/Dracula’s skill set.

Items To Use

Castelvania is known for having some iconic weapons. Holy water, axes, throwing daggers, holy crosses and more are things that you can expect to see. In every sequel the goal is to go above and behind the call to arms. New weapons would be great because as much as I don’t want to admit there were some secondary weapons that I didn’t get the most use out of. Fairies were pretty much useless to me in the previous game and that’s where I see room for improvement.  Sub-weapons that can be incorporated into battles as a staple mechanic would be great and provide variety.

Castlevania lords of shadow 2

Maintain A Great Story Arc

The story arc of the first game was great. If you have heard any information about the story you will be excited to know that the game has you playing through modern times. Satan was the main villain in first title. Apparently now he is coming back to seek revenge on Dracula (Gabrielle)  and Zobek your friend/rival from Castlevania lords of Shadow. It’s really intriguing how they plan on going back and forth between the story line of past and present. The thought of playing in modern day makes me giddy with excitement. If you also take into account the unique puzzles and environment the only improvement really needed is the linearity of the game. I often felt trapped with no choice to backtrack to previous levels I wanted to go to. Opening up the game a bit more would have made it even more enjoyable. Now when you add in the overall look of the game there is one thing that is crystal clear. Castlevania looks amazing and polished. It was almost on par at one point with God of war. The game is easily the best of its class in this long running franchise and with mirror if fate releasing next month the future is bright.

In my closing remarks if there is one aspect I want you to take from this article it is this, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 will be a great game. I really hopeful when saying that. All it has to do is make a few tweaks to an already refined formula and it has the chance to be one of the best titles in the franchise’s history. If you disagree post why and please provide evidence, senseless claims just lead to ignorance. I hope you all enjoyed.

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  • anders gjerløw

    I agree on the story part,it has to be compelling and interesting,no doubt that gabriel and zobek will team up vs satan,but theres alucard/hector I think.

    and the item use arent that important as long as they keep atleast the stuff we can use in LOS1.

    and you dont start out with combat paragraph with god of war,gow is not the best game of hack n slash,its the worst,its so easy to kill enemys,heck I could do it with my eyes closed.
    CVLOS combat is one of the best,you have to read the opponents movement and you cant stun em while doing combos,you actually need to evade incoming attack or block in perfect time in order to survive,if not your just gonna die fast.And that is why I love CVLOS combat and defending it,the combat in cvlos is fluid,not the fastest,but its 1 of my favorite H&S game.

    im not sure how CVLOS 2 is gonna be,since the E3 2012 debut trailer showes he is insanely powerful and he wipes out like 100 enemys with 1 chain and you see hundreds fly on the screen,and hes not having any weapons like his whip,and thats something else,in the latest trailer he wakes up and says he is drained for power and suddenly he is using a rapier of some sort,where did the whip go,light and dark magic?
    it could be like that he starts out weak as in CVLOS1 and he actually gets the powers that E3 2012 trailer showes.

    I need/want to know when the game is coming out since I really like los and its 2013 most anticipated game for me.

    • Gregory Laporte

      thanks for you comment anders. We should find out more about the game soon since mirror of fate is release next month. We will also be at E3 so I expect to find out more details than and perhaps before than

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