Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy XIV: Which Title Are You Looking More Forward To?
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 21, 2013 at 11:50 AM EST

Final Fantasy VS 13! I felt that was the best way to start this article off as most gamers have been hounding, clamoring, and just straight up arguing with Square Enix for them to release a game that has been in development for almost a decade. Although it’s more or less been 9 to 10 years that versus has been known to the public. Gamers can’t help but want the game’s release sooner, rather than later. However we have been waiting for what seems like forever and within this time period two Final Fantasy 13 games have released. Now, we might even see Final Fantasy XIV and a third title in Lightning’s story in the near future. This begs me to ask the question which titles are you looking most forward to? Is Lightning one of your favorite characters or are you waiting for the more traditional MMORPG in Final Fantasy XIV. Join me as I discuss which game I am looking forward to and by all means provide your thoughts on this open discussion.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13

Lightning-Return Final Fantasy


At first sight of this announcement from Square Enix my initial reaction was “WTF? Really? Why?” This reaction stemmed from an urge to delve into a different story besides the semi emotional/stoic personal struggles of Lightning and her sister Serah. I honestly didn’t mind playing Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 but there is a line where I must stand and say No, you don’t get a third chance. I am not saying that 13-2 was a bad game. I actually enjoyed it very thoroughly giving it a good review score here on GamerFitNation. Personally, it feels to me that Square Enix seems to be digging down deep into an empty bag and coming up with scraps of intellectually properties that provide little innovation on core ideas.

Now, I am not disregarding Lighnting Returns Final Fantasy 13 as a bad game it would foolish and ignorant to assume it would be. What I am saying is that I wish they would bring a different story or new Intellectual property to light instead of beating a dead horse. There’s only so much you can do before you will exhaust your fan base with sub-par stories. This doesn’t relate to most fans though; I have known quite a few people that have enjoyed the lightning story arc. I can say for myself that there have been a couple of awesome moments in this trilogy such as the Barthandelus battles, Serah’s development as a character, and some of the modern looks and art styles of the characters. At the end of the day I believe that this trilogy is going to be a great experience, not quite the one we are waiting for but all in all I think it’s going to be very solid.

Final Fantasy XIV:

FinalFantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV released on the PC a couple of years ago and fans were upset with the quality that was given to them. There was so much of a backlash that Square Enix vowed to fix the mistakes and release it on the PS3 when the game was well enough to be considered a real true MMORPG experience. The recent updates in the past months have seen the game become a much improved title since its initial release with features that could have you lost for days. Fans of the game have been singing its praises for the most part with the advancements and fixes that have been implemented. It’s not the best MMORPG by far but it is at least a good game. Now, I am particularly excited for the game not because I am a Final Fantasy fan but because I am a lover of RPG’s in general.

The rapid improvements and new screens showing how far the game has come graphically have irked my RPG gamer interest. It makes me hungry for information and footage as I never thought it could do. Screens from the game makes me long to play this on the PS3 as soon as possible. You never know with the announcement of the PlayStation 4 it could even come out on that system.

We might not see the Final Fantasy game we have all heard about for years. What we will see are a couple of interesting potential blockbuster games that may be able to bide our times until that game has released. I know for one that I am personally excited and exacerbating at the thought of being able to play online with all my RPG pals on the PS3 with Final Fantasy XIV. It’s been a long time coming and it has been well deserved for the most patient of fans.

Be sure to add your thoughts on these games and what your aspirations are of the beloved Square Enix franchise moving further down the line.

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  • TheMassacre

    Literally, yeah you pretty much hit it on the head… Everyone I know has zero interest in those two games and are still waiting for Versus XIII. Its really unbelievable how Square is treating this. Its like they just don’t uderstand the market.

    • Gregory Laporte

      Yea I have been waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII for awhile I know we are all waiting for it!

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