Interview With Miles Jacobson of Football Manager
by Alfredo on February 21, 2013 at 12:05 PM EST


Football Manager is a PC game where players put themselves in the shoes of a football manager and manage their team to the top of their league’s tables and ultimately creating a championship winning team. The game has been hugely successful in Europe and was recently brought to the US market after the huge interest and succes that US football (soccer) has been recieving. GamerFitNation’s Alfredo López got the chance to ask Miles Jacobson, the studio director of Sports Interactive, some questions about Football Manager.

1) FM has been hugely successful on PC and has transitioned to the mobile world as well. Are there any plans of bringing FM to major consoles like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii U?

We’ve been on 360 in the past, but the game didn’t do well – most people play console games in the living room, and as our games tend to have a lot of time spent on them, taking over said living room doesn’t tend to go down well with others living in the house.

So we’re not looking to come back to console. We’re already on PC, Mac, PSP, Vita, iOS & Android, and that’ll do just fine for us.

2) Why did FM 2013 seem like the right time to bring the game over to North America?

We’ve been releasing in America for a few years now, back to when we called the game Worldwide Soccer Manager over there, but this was the first time we’ve looked to do any marketing and PR in the region away from the MLS’ website.

With soccer becoming more popular in the states each year, what with foreign teams travelling over for friendlies, players like Beckham and Henry playing in the MLS, and teams like Seattle bringing in huge crowds that often eclipse European teams, it just makes sense to spend a bit more time with the game in the US. We’re taking a very long term view there – we know we’re never going to sell the numbers FIFA does as we’re a management game, not an action one, but there are lots of people in the US who love the sport and we want to show them something a bit different.

3) Liga MX is one of North America’s top leagues and has a huge following in Mexico, USA, and even Canada. Are there any plans of introducing Liga MX as of now?

Not at the moment – we have a competition editor with the game so people can always add the league themselves, and make it available for their friends to download too.

4) Is there any upcoming DLC for FM?

Not at the moment. There’s so much content in the game already that people struggle to even see a small amount of it in the time they play, despite it being one of the most played games in time spent on the planet!

5) FM has been a huge success amongst football fans. Have you ever considered working on other sports manager games like rugby, basketball, etc.?

We have worked on Baseball & Ice Hockey games in the past, but they’re very difficult markets to break into – probably not helped by the US customers not being used to these kinds of cerebral games. So I’m not saying no, just that it’ll be a long time til we look at them again.

6) Late last year a student from Azerbaijan was signed as manager of FC Baku based on his FM experience; and in 2008, Everton FC signed a deal so they could use the FM to scout players. Did you ever expect FM to go that far and play a role in real football clubs?

It wasn’t something we’ve ever planned, so no it’s not something we expected. It does make total sense though – why wouldn’t people want to tap into our networks?

There are some very big announcements coming in this area later in the year too. It’s all incredibly exciting at the moment.

7) Thank you so much for your time. Is there a message you would like to leave for our readers?

Just that I hope you’re all enjoying the experience that FM brings to you and hope to be able to continue delivering entertainment to you for many years to come!

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