“iPad has just begun to impact PC sales” Says NPD Analyst
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 28, 2013 at 11:00 AM EST


PC gamers out there might feel like they are a master race of gamers and rightfully so. When you compare current generation games with their PC counterparts the differences are alarming to say the least. Games look better, run faster, and for the most part have more features that can be done with mod tools and hacks. However are PC (Mac and PC) sales being cannibalized by the Ipad? I wanted to find out so I reached out to NPD analyst Benjamin Arnold.

I asked him several other questions which was posted earlier on this week. One of the specific questions I asked him was the following: “Apple’s stocks have dropped significantly, what does this say about the industry and consumers? It is possible for them to recover from this spiral?”

The answer I heard back was very interesting and I eye opening at the same time. He stated the following:

“I’m not a financial analyst, so I can’t comment on Apple’s stock price, BUT I’m hard pressed to find another company with a future as bright as Apple’s.  Beyond the US, there is still a large addressable market for iPhone.  iPad has just begun to impact PC sales and one in five iPad buyers are new to the Apple brand (when thinking about how many iPads they sell puts that in to perspective). The rumors of watch and TV demonstrate further their ability to make new markets and impact existing ones. Apple’s business as you know is about more than hardware. So what if iPad sales are impacting Mac demand?  There is a long tail of revenue (apps, music, videos for instance) associated with their “post PC” devices that can be had.” ~NPD analyst Benjamin Arnold

As many people might have heard Apple stocks have been slumping as of late and people seem to believe that the company is in financial turmoil because of it. If we look into what the above quote says, there are a few things that are very clear. The tablet market is having a huge effect on technology as a whole. You can even see this with the Razer Edge which we had the chance to check out while at CES 2013.

Ipad hurts PC Sales

I know there are many people that can’t be without their Ipad’s or tablets. However, I believe that the ipad is most certainly a threat to mobile gaming markets and handhelds like the Vita and 3DS. Many people have a PC and tablet as a form of companionship to help one another. Although these may have an effect on the sales of PC’s an immediate effect on the long term market may not be plausible. However with Apple being the Mega Corporation that it is, there is always room for expansion. There are several markets as Ben mentioned out there that haven’t been touched yet which can factor in. Will this affect the sales of the PC only time will tell.

In conclusion, there might be some merit in the argument that the Ipad is hurting PC sales. The amount of convenience that it provides for gaming on the go, access to everyday features like music and email might help in the selling of it. However, I honestly feel that the Ipad is counterproductive to its own company. Since there are a ton of consumers reading this, we want to hear your thoughts on this matter. Do you believe the iPad has just begun to impact PC sales?

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