PlayStation 4 Are You Willing To Pay $600?
by Antwand Pearman on February 12, 2013 at 08:00 AM EST

PlayStation 4 Are You Willing To Pay $600 For It?

Shut Up and Take My…Wait How Much?

PlayStation 4

On February 20th, 2013 I will be attending the Sony press event to see if the rumors of the PlayStation 4 are true or false. I won’t be able to conduct an on camera interview. I thought it would be awesome if I could ask, you  the gaming community your thoughts on my opinions. In this video I pose the question “Are you willing to pay another $600 price tag?”, and many more questions. I also point out that we may see a console launch this year. Watch the video and leave a comment sharing your thoughts below. If the PlayStation 4 does have the crazy features I’ve mention in the video are you willing to shell out $600 for it? Or pay for online usage via PS Plus? We also believe that games like Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, Squares’s Final Fantasy 13 versus  and the new Star Wars game will be titles for the next gen.  So if the PlayStation 4 is the power house it’s rumored to be. Can it be enough for it to make you say “Shut Up and Take My Money?”

PlayStation 4

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  • Gregory Laporte

    Honestly I wouldn’t mind paying 600 if it had a significant difference in the upgrades to the system. The games are what sells me though. First Party games are Sony’s bread and butter!

  • Blarp


  • Not Again

    Nope, not after I bought a PS3 at launch only to have it break short of 4 years. I’m not going to be their test subjects on equipment that’ll cost me that much money. I can instead upgrade my computer and play far superior games on that and wait for the new console to mature and pick up the slimmed down version.

    • Roy

      For a device that will only be 4-5 times more powerful than the current gen (last gen leap was about 40x in power) and according to the leaked specifications, Sony had better not go 1 cent over $350.
      If not, the PlayStation overhype and underdeliver train will finally crash with the rest of Sony and they will go bankrupt.
      This device will still not be able to do what the PS3 was supposed to do according to Sony before launch back then (drive multiple 3D displays at once, etc, etc.), so NO, people will not buy it at that price (if at all if they are concerned about their wallet at this point in time).

  • J B

    Not for either of the next gen consoles! 3 early RROD 360’s (sure, M$ replaced them, but it was still a massive inconvenience), so I’ll pass on the “nextBox” for awhile. Although my early PS3 was far more reliable, I ended up with crappy ports (some) and gross load times. And, how long was PSN down even after years of the hardware being “stable?” This round, I’m waiting. We gamers, I hope, have gotten smarter with our money (and our allegiances) to the point where we won’t be seen as mere sheeple. Sony and M$ are counting on fan boy mentality, and I say we tell them that those days are over. Best product, best price, best customer service and, most importantly, best games win.

    • Andrew McDowell

      That’s why I got a Wii U lol. I’m a bit of a Nintendo guy, but I loved my PS3, and I would’ve kept it if Sony had’ve released Last Guardian, but I got sick of waiting.

    • Eyan R

      And, the system they had to use to get PSN back up, was the old Xbox system. I’m a big Halo fan, not to the death, but i love playing it, so i stick with microsoft because i fail to see a comparable Playstation game.

  • DarthDiggler

    Look, I don’t know who these people are that commented before me, but there is NO WAY IN HELL the PS4 will cost $600.

    This author is just making wild speculations or passing off rumor. There is no way that Sony will make the same mistake twice.

    Nice troll job but I won’t be coming back to this piece of shit website.

    • BlackBible

      Welcome Back Darth Love how you keep coming back saying that you won’t

      • Gregory Laporte

        YO I knew his name looked familiar Long time no see Darth. How you been?

      • barry

        Yeah, he’s one of those 24h a day multisite spamming N4Gtard fanboys, just like Jonathan Stoffregen and Turkish/TurkishEmperor/Gezer/TurkWizardGezer.

        • Roy

          Yeah, Turkish is actually a no-life student from Leuven, Belgium. He’s suspected to work for Sony’s PR dept.
          His face and personal data got posted on 4chan some time ago for being a compulsive liar spambot.
          Same thing will no doubt happen to Darth at some point as trolls like them should be exposed for what they are.

          • DarthDiggler

            I have a contrary opinion that means I should be subjected to a witch hunt?

        • DarthDiggler

          Who the fuck are you Barry? I can say what the fuck I want, the last time I checked it was a free country (at least where I live). I generally have a well reasoned argument in my comments or I am pointing out how ridiculous the writing is.

          Why don’t you shut the fuck up and crawl back down to your mother’s basement.

      • DarthDiggler


        As for my activity on this site, check Google, I am hardly a regular,
        about 5-6 comments pointing out the lack of integrity in your writing.

        This article is case in point.

        Let’s make this interesting. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is!

        Name your price and we will set a wager. If the PlayStation 3 successor (be it PS4 or Orbis) cost $600 US Dollars MSRP for the base model (not an advanced model) I will paid you the agreed upon funds (let’s be reasonable but make it interesting).

        Name your price BlackBible or admit that you are trolling your audience with speculation to create controversy.

        What I find so offensive is your have these mindless ass-hats that read your site that constantly buy into your bullshit. I mean look at these comments all the people presuming your OPINION on the price tag is the CORRECT one.


        • DarthDiggler

          Name your wager @BlackBible:disqus

          • DarthDiggler


            $600 USD says you are wrong, put your money where your big mouth is bro! Let’s do this!

          • Gregory Laporte

            I thought you said and I quote “Nice troll job but I won’t be coming back to this piece of shit website.” Since then you have returned not once but on several occasions. Care to tell us how you’re not a troll but yet, you keep posting trollish comments?

          • DarthDiggler

            Funny how when someone says put your money where your mouth is they get all quiet! :)

            I want BlackBible to accept my wager, since he is so sure about this $600 price tag. I will take your money too if you are just as confident! :)

            Check Google Gregory, I have commented on this site maybe 6 times before today. Funny how you are calling me out for trolling when that is exactly what BlackBible is doing with this article that is a complete fabrication.

          • Gregory Laporte

            So you have now returned for a total of 6 different times after you stated that you would no longer be coming back. Is this something we can agree on?

          • DarthDiggler


            Why won’t you or any of the other staff accept my $600 wager? You keep running the mouth but not willing to put the cash up to back up your claims in this published masterpiece.

            Unless you are responding that you are accepting my wager you are basically implying that this article is meaningless troll-mongering nonsense.

            Either way, I win. :)

          • Gregory Laporte

            Haha I noticed how you totally ignored my question. I will mark this as your 7th time now returning to a site you called a piece of crap. 2nd.How am i supposed to keep your word about a bet when you couldn’t keep your word about not returning. I find your reasoning comical. Thanks for the great comments I want you to know that Blackbible and I appreciate your continued support.

          • DarthDiggler

            We have witnesses and what makes you think I am not serious? I am not the one creating articles using complete fabrications to elicit emotional responses from the audience.

            I will be more than happy to take your money. I appreciate that you have revealed that you lack the confidence in your analysis of PS4 pricing and thus you are completely admitting this article is devoid of integrity.

            Like I said I win. :) Otherwise accept the bet and put your money where that big pie hole is.

          • Gregory Laporte

            Darth you are delusional, No one said this article was fact. This is an “opinion piece” key word being opinion. Blackbible never stated this was the actually price and in the video if you watched it he actually says the word speculating.

            Since this is the 8th time returning to the site I applaud your dedication to us and thank you for your time. I hope you will continue to have the patronage that you have abruptly shown us. Have a great day.

            I will most likely be unable to respond to further comments from you as I have a phone call and articles to do. Have a great day!

          • BlackBible

            Ok I’ve seen enough. Do you really want to talk about this? If so just say “Yes.”

  • Lutfi Dawas

    People pay 600+$ every year for a new iPad/iPhone that will last , well a year, they pay over that amount for a new laptop every 2~3 years, PC gamers pay THOUSANDS on customized Desktops every PC hardware cycle which take place… yeah every year….. NONE of them complain about the price they all shut up and GIVE money,,, yet when it comes to a gaming console,, something powerful , a center of your living room, a media hub, something that will last you at least 5 years … people start complaining…. so to answer your question . YES i’ll happily pay the 600$ price tag again .. done it before & so far happy with my investemnt.

    • Andrew McDowell

      I agree man, anyone who would fork out 1200$ for an iphone but complain about 400, 500, or even 600$ for a console is a STUFFED-IN-THE-HEAD-RETARD!

  • matt

    i seriously doubt it will be that much the other week people were saying it be between $300-$400

    • John

      That’s only an estimated pricepoint based on the leaked specs. If Sony goes over it, nobody in their right mind will buy it.

  • DjrandyDjp

    another $600.00 price tag HELLL NOOO if sony dose seeing that the WII U is 299.00 and 364.00 and the next xbox to be around 365.00 to 400.00.and if sony price there PS4 at 600.00 SONY WILL FAIL NOT JUST FAIL BUT EPIC FAIL. the blu ray players are cheap as hell .a 600.00 price tag will will be the DEATH TO THE PLAYSTATION BRAND!!!!!

  • Christopher Bosak

    I have a feeling that the PS4 will at the highest price point be $500

    • Gregory Laporte

      I think that if it reaches that point it will be a high end bundle with a possible game and PS+ subscription

  • ChknMoonDust

    I would definitely pay 600$ of the ps4. Look at it this way. If the next generation lasts 10 years, that’s only 60 dollars a year or 5 dollars a month. That’s not very hard to budget for. Especially when you consider that people pay at least an extra 20$ a month just so they can use their smart phones. You will reach 600$ that way after 2 1/2 years. And over 10 years you’re going to end up paying 2,400$ without inflation!!!! Plus you can just wait a couple years and the ps4 will be 400$ or less. Granted, you can get a new smart phone every 2 years, but I fail to see the value in that.

  • chibi

    I’m sorry but no….
    Especially if the rumor about not being able to play used games is true. I like testing some games before buying, and if it doesn’t play used games, it’s most likely not backwards compatible…again.
    I love Sony but I won’t be surprised if they screw this up.

  • forum67

    In meantime, I have finished 60% farcry 3 on PC (high setting) worth $600

    • Gregory Laporte

      I have to admit that I haven’t gotten a chance to play Far Cry 3 yet :-(

  • QwietStorm

    I’m really feeling that controller mock-up.

    • Gregory Laporte

      same here what are you looking forward to for the next PlayStation?

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