Skylanders Swap Force A Possible Next Gen Title?
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 11, 2013 at 03:53 PM EST

Skylanders Swap Force

Skylanders Swap Force was recently announced and while at an Activision event before  the commencing activities of Toy Fair 2013. We were able to get to the nitty gritty on Skylanders and learn more details about the upcoming new title Skylanders Swap Force. This is a new Skylanders game that will will allow users to use all of their old characters in the game. This will allow them to see the characters in brand spanking HD. You also have the option to swap pieces and power up the different parts of your character to make a completely new different character.

In this interview GameFitNation’s Antwand Blackbible Pearman interviews Joshua Taub, Vice President of Skylanders Business, to discuss the newest game Skylanders Swap Force. There is much information that is given in this interview. In the video it s also mentioned that the game features next gen technology and is played in 720p  You are not going to want to miss this interview as there are a lot of surprises that are hidden in this gem of an interview. Could this also be a new next gen game. Listen to how Joshua answers the question and think for yourself. Check out the video posted after the jump!

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